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Episode 015

How to Get Traffic to Your Website: Episode 015: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 015 – How to Get Traffic to Your Website

Grow My Cleaning Business
Grow My Cleaning Business = MORE & BETTER Traffic to Your Website
“How do I grow my cleaning business?” If you are asking this question, you are NOT alone. So many owners of cleaning companies who want to grow their cleaning businesses think that traffic is HARD. The truth of the matter is the traffic is out there already! People are searching for cleaning companies, janitors, maid services, commercial cleaners. Building and creating traffic is the HARD part, and the good news is it is already done for you! You just have to find a way to step in front of that traffic that already exists.

Most cleaners DON’T know how to do this, but after watching this video podcast, you will. Don’t miss out on growing your cleaning company because you don’t know how to get the thousands of people that are looking for YOUR service to your website!

In this video podcast, listen in and discover:

– Three big reason’s your cleaning companies website is NOT making you money

– Two types of traffic for your website (paid and organic)

– When and why you want to use each

– The 900 pound gorilla on the block for paid traffic to your cleaning company

– Three ways you can optimize your cleaning company website

– What is local search and why you need it to grow your cleaning business

– Onsite and offsite methods for growing your cleaning business

– How VIDEO can drive FREE traffic to your janitorial or maid service website- by dominating Youtube AND Google

– When to hire a professional and what to look for when you do

Here are some cool resources to help you continue to grow your cleaning business: a fantastic trade organization with lots more tools!

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