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Episode 336

How to Get the Most out of Your Web Developer: Episode 336: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 336 – How to Get the Most out of Your Web Developer

Today’s episode is the conclusion of our 2 part special with guest expert Shamim Rajani from Genetech Solutions. Mike and Shamim discuss how to get the MOST out of your web developer and website.

Shamim runs a blockchain technology company that provides online business services to its members. Her team handles their members’ development needs so they can avoid the pitfalls of trying to find contractors.

If you want to maximize your website and make it work for you instead of just existing but don’t want to have to hassle with actually having to do all the work yourself, Email Shamim today to take advantage of the $97 Cleaning Nation Special! Have the experts at Genetech Solutions build you a custom landing page, thank you page and set up your automated email follow up sequence today!

There are three pitfalls when you try to hire a contractor.

The first problem is the freelancer doesn’t get the work done or doesn’t do what you want.

Hiring contractors can become a gamble. The issue arises when this gamble starts to eat into your time and you end up spending just as much time helping them create your product as you would have if you did it yourself.

After experiencing this problem, I found Shamim’s company. The pro of using a third party is that they can filter through capable contractors that are guaranteed to do the work you are looking for. This saved me time and promised me the work would be ready to go once it was delivered.

The second problem with hiring contractors is that their price can be sky high.

Do I have to spend $7,000 on a new website? As much as I’d love to see what a fancy $7,000 Grow My Cleaning Company website looks like, it’s not a necessary expense. The money can be put towards my automation funnels and advertisements.

Genetech solutions is a reasonable price point for businesses that don’t need the works and then some. It’s for businesses like Grow My Cleaning Company who don’t need the fancy website, they need a website that looks nice, converts and tells their story.

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The third problem with hiring out freelancers is the time difference.

When you are trying to communicate with an overseas freelancer, one back and forth email can take a full 24 hours. By the time my freelancer received and responded to the email I sent that morning, I was fast asleep. I finally got my response the next morning and spent 24 hours on an issue that could have been fixed in an hour.

Having a third party like Genetech means I don’t have to worry about communication between myself and my freelancer. This is automatically off of my plate and anytime I communicate with Genetech it’s within a few hours of my own time zone.

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As much as us business owners want to handle everything, calling in third party services like Shamim’s can open your schedule up. Instead of spending time hiring the right freelancer and communicating to them back and forth what you want, you can allocate time to building your business and growth strategies.

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