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Episode 084

How to Get the Best Employees: Episode 084: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 084 – How to Get the Best Employees

How to Get The Best Employees
Today Mike coaches Zaveius Hogan from Sparkle The Cleaning Service on how to attract and manage good employees and vendors.

More often than not, employees are seen as a necessary evil to running a business. If you’re doing the cleaning yourself, you aren’t a business owner, you’re self employed to lets figure out How to Get The Best Employees. You can’t focus on building systems and processes to grow your business if you’re busy scrubbing toilets all day. That’s where the employees come in. But then you’re dealing with all the joys that come with managing those people, which can feel a lot like wrangling 200 pound children. Every employer knows the frustration that comes with no call no shows, calling in “sick” the day after their birthday, doing half-assed work, breaking customer’s stuff, breaking equipment or worse just flat out stealing. But when you’re dealing with 10$/hr employees it’s easy to think these are just things that you will always have to deal with. BONUS TIP: Your core values can help to avoid hiring employees that drive you crazy The truth is you CAN have great employees that care about their work, your business and are passionate about their job. The way to get that is by identifying, adhering to and exemplifying your core values. Spend some time figuring out what your core values are. It’s important that you live, breathe, eat and sleep these values. You can’t fake them! Next those core values need to be all over your hiring process. Don’t fall prey to “Warm body syndrome” The “You’re sitting across from me and say you will show up, so I guess add you to the team” Be clear on your core values from the very beginning. Why they are important to you, to your company and live them out loud. This is key when it comes to How to Get The Best Employees. It’s so hard to manage someone who just doesn’t care about your core values and have them bend to your core values. Those employees are typically the first to quit or just not show up the first time work becomes inconvenient. But if you hire someone who is in line with your core values it is so much easier to live, work and grow with that human being. Many of your problems will go away. Because they share your passion. They are sold on your vision. They feel like they own the place. They are proud to be a part of a community they are passionate about. They show up early, stay late, work harder. BONUS TIP: Core values are a huge advantage but they aren’t going to do it alone! You still have to have the systems, processes and employee handbook so you have rules and regulations to back up your core values. It’s not just about How to Get The Best Employees but how to manage them for years to come. Know how to hire and onboard someone, what to do in most situation etc… Even more so, core values are crucial when it comes to upper management, sometimes there are situations that aren’t in the handbook. The manager can make those judgement calls based on if they are in line with your core values. Core values also grow a team environment . When you have a team environment, your employees feel like they aren’t just letting down you or “their job” they’re letting down their coworkers, their own core values, their friends. That is so much more compelling than the threat they might get fired from their 10$/hr job, because they can find another job that pays the same tomorrow. Finally, when it comes to discipline and termination. When your employees make mistakes or break the rules, it’s not you that’s yelling at them, but your core values that are being violated. You are removing yourself from the disciplinarian and pointing to the core values which they agreed with upon applying for the job and asking if you think their actions are in line with those core values.

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