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Episode 564

How to Get More Residential Clients: Episode 564: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 564 – How to Get More Residential Clients

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today we will be talking about one of our listener’s request: how to get more residential clients!

We know how to get clients, but not on purpose. What you need to have is an RSD or a Repeatable, Scalable, Dependable System to attract clients.

So let’s dive into how you can do this on purpose. What do you need to do to help your clients get to you when you want and be able to have an RSD? To achieve this goal, there are 3 ground rules you need to follow.

3 Ground Rules:

  1. Kill the idea that anyone who offers you money is a client.
    The truth is you make more money when you are more selective about your clients. Choose those who match with your core values. The reality is it’s a 95-5 rule. 5% of your clients that are not a core value match will bring 95% of your headache (and typically almost none of your profit)
  2. To have a pain that you are the best in the world at solving.                                               Most think that residential clients don’t have the money to pay for your service. That is true for some, but residential doesn’t have to be all about the budget. Clients spend based on your understanding of their pain, their beliefs, and your ability to fix it.
  3. The way that you attract your clients is on you.                                                                          If you’re getting the wrong clients, then you’re probably doing the wrong thing. It’s important to understand that you choose the prospects that come to you, and who you respond to depending on how you attract them. If you’re getting budget issues, it’s one of two things. Either you attracted the wrong clients or you didn’t give them the offer that they thought was a good deal.
People who pay, pay attention and they are the best clients! Make sure that you are not just saying “I want” so randomly. And once you have a repeatable, scalable, and dependable way to find new clients, then you will have the time and freedom that you want.

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