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Episode 565

How to Get More Commercial Clients with Jered Robinson: Episode 565: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 565 – How to Get More Commercial Clients with Jered Robinson

Today we will be talking about a topic that’s related to the previous request that we covered on one of our Facebook lives. Today we are talking with Jered Robinson about how to get more commercial clients!

Jered is the guy who helps us get our clients. He is my spikey haired friend and big Lakers fan 😉 Let’s first talk about the importance of organic content to getting commercial clients.

The Importance of Organic Content:

When you create content, you figure out what the people need or what problems they have that you can solve. You take the time to create something valuable.

We get most of our clients on social media. And these people who are on social media aren’t saying “I’m a commercial cleaner that has a pain”, or “I’m in a situation where I’m stuck”.

So, we have to present problem awareness. We have to make them aware that they have a problem. I have to find a way to catch their attention and introduce that you have the solution for their pain. That is the organic content that you should provide!

Take Note:

Instead of saying:
“Hey here’s my logo call me up if you need something”
You should say:
“Hey I want to give you value right now, come over here and let me give you value, or let me solve your pain”.

Instead of:
Showing your logo, talking about you, who you are, what you do, what you want them to buy, and everything about you, you should:
Talk about them, their pain, what they want, and what makes their life better.

The Biggest Mistake:

Detailed mistake:
When people are targeting prospects on social media, they tend to just target interests. They just think, “I’m interested in people who do xyz, I’m interested in people searching for xyz.” When on Facebook, you can do actual job titles and then you can even narrow down your search. You should aim to find people who are actually spending money on the business. That’s going to help your targeting.

Broader mistake:
When you just run an ad and wait for the end result, then you just conclude that your people are not on Facebook. What you disregard is that in the middle you received clicks on your website and you received comments on your website, but there’s something there that is not pushing them into the end. Check the whole process and find out the problem! Then make the adjustments there, instead of just giving up and saying “My people are not on Facebook”.

How to Make it Happen:

With commercial cleaning, you want to start with something with a low entry point. Know their pain, and you find your target through that pain. Then, you give value to get their interest and then you give them your pitch. Offering your service is the final step to closing the deal.

Just continue to give value and your commercial clients will come!

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