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Episode 040

How to Get Government Cleaning Contracts: Episode 040: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 040 – How to Get Government Cleaning Contracts

How to Get Government Cleaning Contracts
Big show today as Mike Campion chats it up with Anthony Fisher from Anthony’s Janitorial Maintenance on How to Get Government Cleaning Contracts- listen in and hear the good, the bad on the ugly on contracting with the government for your cleaning business.

Anthony is currently in residential and commercial and wants to move into the wild world of government cleaning contracts. Mike warns him that before he starts chasing minority owned, certified small business from leprechaun descent certifications, there are a couple of things he needs to know… Listen to this episode and find out when to and not to jump through government hoops.

QUICK TANGENT: The government along with every other prospect ISN’T always looking for just the cheapest price.

Prospects and customers choose based on who they think understands them, their pain and their passion better than anyone else and is best equipped to solve that pain for them- figure out how to do that and price isn’t an issue!

Mike coaches Anthony on the fact that all those certifications aren’t easy to get and take time and money to maintain.

And when you do get them, you realize they aren’t your ticket to riches, they are just your ticket in the door and every other bidder has the same certifications.

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Listen in and discover how what the government REALLY wants and how to be the company to provide it for them- you CAN know get How to Get Government Cleaning Contracts

Before you start counting those fast government checks- listen and learn how getting a few government contracts can actually hurt your business.

CLEANING BUSINESS UPDATE: It’s a great time to be in the commercial cleaning space whether or not you deal with government contracting

One of the big takeaway’s Mike shares is cleaning for the government CAN be a profitable endeavor, but it doesn’t make a good part time fling.

The best 12 ideas you implement simultaneously are always going to lose out to the one average idea you focus on completely.

One of the biggest things he coaches his clients on is how to avoid “shiny object syndrome” and focus on the money making basics.

Once Mike shares the goods on How to Get Government Cleaning Contracts, Anthony gives back to Cleaning Nation with the ever popular Lightning Round:

Make sure your customers are happy
Be careful giving too much responsibility to employees
Have a niche and know it well
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