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Episode 683

How to Get from a Self Employed Cleaner to Cleaning Business Owner: Episode 683


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Episode 683 – How to Get from a Self Employed Cleaner to Cleaning Business Owner

Today we have Demarcus Wade on the podcast. He’s got a company called Exclusive and Elusive Commercial Cleaning. He just opened about a year ago, in August 2020. He has three sons who were helping with his cleaning business. Entrepreneurship is so important for this generation, and certainly for the next generation.

Demarcus’s Team and Dream

Demarcus’s sons are 15, 17 and 18. His oldest son is a high school graduate,a beach bum, a smart guy and still figuring out what he wants to do with his life. Demarcus thinks that this is the right time for him to have an opportunity in the commercial cleaning sphere and meeting people. Demarcus always says this, “The more people I meet, the more my thinking and my clarity for my dream grows.” He has a mentor, who’s very successful, and he helps him with advice and with other contracts. Marcus feels that he can take what he learns and pass it on to his children to help them thrive in the business too. He does a lot of commercial accounts, some residential, and some move-outs. He’s not a big fan of the move-outs but it’s profitable, so he does them. He brings his son-in-law along and shows him the small steps to get through the job properly and efficiently.

How does Demarcus handle the different attitudes of his sons towards work?

The oldest son wants to motivate. He always says that he wants to make $100 so he will work if he can make $100. The middle son likes to play video games a lot but is a cool guy ans will work. The youngest son understands reality. If he wants to pay a phone bill, or he wants to have a little money to play an online game, or have extra cash then he needs to come for work. It works differently for each son, but it works for everybody.

Mike’s Tips for Demarcus

Profit Breakdown

One of the most common questions of our members is their profit. On our program we coach for 50 30 20.

  • 50% goes to cost of goods sold
  • 30% goes to overhead which would include liability insurance, advertising, uniforms, etc
  • 20% would be profit

Hiring Process

  1. Understand the monumental shift.
  2. Core Values

Most of the people want to hire based on: How good you are cleaning floors, will you show up on time? What kind do you have? Do you do drugs? What’s your transportation? Those are all fine questions and we are not saying we have zero interest in those. But for us, we run our company on our Core Values, which are: have fun, make money, be real and help out.

We’re not hiring based on skill, but instead we’re hiring based on a core values match.

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