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Episode 405

How to Get Customers for Your Cleaning Company : 405 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 405 – How to Get Customers for Your Cleaning Company

Today Mike is talking about a question that he gets very frequently- How do I get and retain customers? Many people don’t have the right systems (i.e a scalable, repeatable, dependable way to acquire customers)  in place to find not just customers, but the right customers, and get a steady flow of customers coming in each month.

A lot of people get so caught up in the fact that there is someone who wants their services that they cut corners and do things like lower prices for them, which can start to spiral and turn into a situation where you don’t have the resources to really serve them, which in turn makes them upset and start to complain and then all of the sudden the customer that gives you the most pain also happens to be the one that you don’t make any money off of. It’s important to know who your target client is so that you can really provide a service that alleviates their pain.

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Another trap that a lot of people fall into is giving away considerable percentages of their business to things like franchises to get customers coming in. A lot of times the percentage they take can even be on par with the percentage of your profit margins. It’s important to keep in mind that if there are people out there that can get consistent clients, then there is a way for you to do the same without giving away portions of your company.

An additional thing that you always need to have, is a direct call to action. A lot of big corporations run branding advertising, which can be helpful but generally if you’re under 50 million in revenue than chances are that you need direct response advertising, with a strong call to action. (i.e facebook groups, landing pages, etc.)

Many people rely solely on word of mouth to spread their brand, which can be a strong way to attract clients, however, it isn’t scalable or dependable. Word of mouth marketing is great as a small portion of your client attraction system, but you need to have a strong reliable, repeatable system in place to get consistent customer leads.

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Another thing that people get caught up in a lot is their SEO. They look for ways to trick Google into thinking that they’re authoritative rather than just being so. For instance, if you look at what Mike has set up, he’s got a facebook group, youtube channel, and website all giving tons of information and help, and you’ll notice that there isn’t anywhere that he’s selling anything. Just by creating content, and giving away advice and help is enough to attract people to the funnel, and what’s great about his system is there is no scummy practices or tricks to get advertising- it’s all genuine and helpful, and for the people like yourself who are hungry for knowledge will find yourselves here without Mike having to jump through hoops. This also allows to cut back on the amount of customers that aren’t compatible with you because by the time that you’re giving a bid they should already feel like they know what you and your company are about.

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