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Episode 518

How to Get Customers During Corona: Episode 518: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 518
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Episode 518 – How to Get Customers During Corona

We’re living through some interesting times Cleaning Nation! What worked to get customers before isn’t working now. This could cost you your business, your dreams…basically everything you have worked for. Today we are going to explore some false beliefs regarding getting customers during this coronavirus epidemic (which can really be applied to any crisis!).

False Belief: I can’t work in this business because the government told me so.

The way you serve your clients may be different, but IF you serve is up to YOU. If we focus on what we can’t do and curl up in a ball, then it’s over.

False Belief: Residential clients don’t want cleaning.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Residential customers want (and need!) cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting more than ever! They are just scared and need a leader in the industry that has certainty and clarity. The key thing as owners, is that we just need to find a way to lead and serve during this time. Also, we have to make sure we protect ourselves and our employees when we go out into the field. If you find yourself stuck and can’t find PPE equipment, this just means that you haven’t been creative enough in regards to how to get it. The determined leaders WILL find a WAY!

False Belief: Commercial is going to go back to normal.

Commercial isn’t going to go back to “normal”, it’s going to go CRAZY. There’s most likely going to be two main categories of commercial clients: 1) they are still open during this crisis and need even more CLEANING or 2) they are closed and will REALLY need cleaning when they come back – probably more than they’ve ever needed before!

False Belief: It’s time to circle the wagons and wait this thing out.

This is NOT the time to sit back and just watch the situation play out if you want your company to survive! That is only a great way to let the leaders in your community lead your market AWAY from you and towards THEM.

False Belief: People don’t have pain or needs.

The reality is that there is more pain than EVER! People are so clear on their pain right now that price isn’t even an issue. Now is the opportunity to serve at a higher level than ever before!

False Belief: Marketing doesn’t work during corona.

Actually…marketing works even better, it just needs the correct communication during this time. We recommend the following ideas in marketing: “We are front line. We have the answers.” This is one circumstance where we don’t have to explain the value we bring! If you do what you have done in the past in regards to marketing, then it’s not going to work with the same results you used to get most likely.

False Belief: It’s going to be easy.

This is the time for leaders to lead, so lead by example and get to work! There’s a good saying out there that is SO TRUE: Leaders got to lead when it’s easy and leaders got to lead even when it’s harder!

This game will be changed by a powerful few. YOU get to decide if you are on the winning side or the side that gives everything to the winners!

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