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Episode 098

How to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts: Episode 098: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 098 – How to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts

How to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts
When trying to get commercial cleaning contracts one of the biggest hurdles is getting past the gatekeepers to the decision makers.
In today’s episode Mike coaches Morgan Brown of Lighthouse Cleaning Services on how to How to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts. First and foremost when dealing with how to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts you need to know who you are talking to, a lot of people just want to start knocking on any random door and “selling themselves”. But that kind of shotgun technique isn’t a cost effective or wise use of your limited time and resources. But it’s not only knowing who you are talking to but being able to be specific and target who you WANT to talk to. Therein lies the difference between taking the work you can get and getting the commercial cleaning contracts you want. Cold calling and knocking on doors is a time consuming process and to be honest, it’s just not how to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts. To make sure you are getting a good ROI, you need to make sure the people you are contacting are people that can get your business to where you want it to be and people that you enjoy working with. Even the most profitable accounts can make you miserable if you hate dealing with those customers. If this sounds familiar, it’s because you have heard me speak for more than 10 consecutive minutes…First and foremost pick a niche! Then once you have a niche niche down even further. Get specific with size, location, specialty, hours etc.. Once you have who you want to work with and your niche drilled down comes the logistics. Ask yourself how many of those types of customers do you think there are in your area. Get a comprehensive list of all your prospects. There are a few tools out there you can use to accomplish this. The simplest being Google, you can buy lists from 3rd party Data collectors or even hire someone to do the data collection for you. Once you have the master list, make a list of your dream 100. A great book to buy that goes into depth on your dream 100 is The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes In a nutshell, your dream 100 are your dream customers. Then with that dream 100 use the The Harvey Mckay 66 Questions to answer about your dream 100 that will have you knowing them better than any other vendor/competition out there. Build a database on your dream 100 and know them better than anyone else. If these are just average customers then they aren’t worth the hassle, but if they are your dream 100 they are absolutely worth it. Set a goal to “get” 10 or 20 of them a year and set aside time to really go after those ideal customers. Make a “Shock and Awe Package” for them using what you know about them from your McKay 66. Then send it to them and then when you call the “gatekeeper” you are no longer just another vendor trying to sell them, you are the guy that sent them that incredible Shock and Awe Package. So to recap:

Make a list
Target them
Think of creative ways to get your foot in the door
The second part is to switch the mindset form “let me tell you why you should give me money” to listening to them talk about themselves and what they want. Your customers are much more interested in their favorite topic(aka themselves) than anything you have to say. So why don’t you use that to your advantage and let them talk! Ask them all about their business, what keeps them up at night, their dreams and what fires them up at night. Use that information to serve them and know them better, that way when you are trying to get past the gatekeeper you know exactly what to say. You have to have the right bait to get the meetings with the people who make the decisions. Know what they want to talk about. Finally, there are a million ways to get your message out there, but the most effective way to attract customers is to set up systems to “market to your customers” that is scalable, repeatable and automated. But that’s another topic for another podcast…infact this one

Finally Morgan kills it in the Lightning Round
You’re either on the dinner table or at it
Don’t mouth off to your employees when you shouldn’t
Think outside the box on a sales pitch

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