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Episode 710

How to Get Clear On Your End Goal: Episode 710


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Episode 710 – How to Get Clear On Your End Goal

Hello Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast! Today we have the wonderful Lacy Tackett on the podcast. She started “Executive Clean Team” in Colorado in October 2019. Her business has grown quickly, but now she has an opportunity to move to Kansas City and she wants to know if she should keep her current clients in Colorado or sell the business and start fresh in Kansas City. And before you think this podcast doesn’t apply to you, think again. Mike is going to tackle work-life balance, why you make the decisions that you do for your business, getting clear on your long term goals and much more. You’ll be glad you did!

How Much Money Is Enough Money?

When it comes to making more long term decisions for your business, it’s really valuable to ask yourself, how much money is enough money? What do I really want to be able to do with my money? What kind of lifestyle do I want? How much will that lifestyle cost me? What am I willing to sacrifice for it? Getting clear on the answer to these questions will inform your choices moving forward in big decisions about your business. For Lacy, this is the decision of whether or not to keep her current cleaning business in Colorado when she moves to Kansas City.

Getting Clear On the 3 Pillars: Money, TIme and Contribution:

Getting clear on how much money you want to be making and how much time you are willing to spend to make that amount of money are the first two issues you need to get really clear on. And one will generally inform the other. If I can make $150,000 a year working 10 hours a week, I’d rather do that than work 40 hours and week and make $300,000 a year. But each person has their own idea of what that money/time balance is. After you get clear on that, the last question you want to ask yourself is about contribution. Now that you have the money/time balance that you want, are you contributing in the way that you want to contribute? Ie. Are you happy with the way that you are serving your clients and showing up in the world as your company.

Asking The Right Question WIll Get You to Your Answer More Quickly:

The main question Lacy had at the beginning of this podcast was, should she sell her business when she moves to Kansas City to start another or should she try and grow both. And the answer is a personal one for her to make, but as we’ve spent the time narrowing down the question by first asking what we want ot ultimate result to be at the end of all this, it helps narrow down her options. Once she’s clear on her end goal, she simply has to choose the option that is most likely to get her to that end goal. Simple as that.

Final Takeaway:

Asking better questions will get you better answers. So will getting clear on your end goal.

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