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Episode 060

How to Get Cleaning Contracts: Episode 060: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 060 – How to Get Cleaning Contracts

In today’s episode Mike coaches James Reese of Reese Cleaning Services on big to get cleaning contracts.

The cleaning industry is getting more competitive today as the modern technology advances itself and people prefer healthy lifestyles. Indeed, it is a great challenge for every cleaning business on what style they are going to make up in order for them to gain momentum and succeed within the increasing competition. The very first thing they need to think of, especially to those who are just starting up, is: how do they get more contracts? Of course nobody profits on having just one client for it is the main source of potential revenue, right? If you are looking for the same answer, you are at the right place! You’d amazingly see that the larger the cleaning contracts you sign with reputable companies, the easier it is for you to seal more deals. But of course you just have to pay the price! On the top list is changing you business philosophy.

BONUS TIP: You need a steady stream of customers coming to you, you need systems and processes that are constantly running bringing you new customers and job applicants.

Having those systems in place allows you to pick and choose your customers and employees and that is how to get cleaning contracts.

Now to answer the question “how do I get more customers?” to “how do I create a system of warm leads of people interested in doing business with you every month?” Well it is undeniably odd and attractive if you give your customers a peek of what you can offer that is distinctively different from any other business of the same line.

It’s like being a guy at the bar with tons of women around his table rather than a guy focused lying off flowery words into an uninterested woman. Change bars, man! The main goal here is to educate them to live better lives, not definitely about cleaning or telling them all about you. You are going nowhere if you just keep on saying you can do and offer them this and that. Things would be great if you might want to go to them and ask what’s important to them and you’d probably talk about that. Your marketing strategy will cater your own vision and style. Make yourself known and give that service every customer wants. Keep up with the changing trends while maintaining your name as the servicing company giving the highest customer satisfaction. If your company places now on top, sealing multiple business deals from time to time, you are certainly doing things right. Good luck to you and to your cleaning business! Can’t get enough of the podcast? Want to fit in with the cool kids? Check out this recent episode on that very topic! Of course if you really want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE or take Mike on the road with you by subscribing to the podcast on Tunes and Stitcher. Last but certainly not least, join our private Facebook group just for owners of cleaning companies to share victories, strategies and struggles- Mike even checks in and drops some wisdom on the group now and again- join HERE. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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