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Episode 865

How to Get Bigger Accounts Effectively: Episode 865


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Episode 865 –How to Get Bigger Accounts Effectively: Episode 865

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Candace Johnson. Candace started Standing Ovation Cleaning Company in November 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. She serves residential and commercial clients. Candace is here today to talk to Mike about what the process of getting bigger accounts looks like. Listen in as Mike walks Candace through this question as well as coaches her on how to know if that’s the best question to be asking.

How to Know if You're Asking the Right Questions

Candace comes to Mike with a question. The question is how to get bigger accounts. But Mike pushes back a little bit and asks her how she knows that is the next right step for her. Sometimes in business, we start to move towards a step because it’s what most people do, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best move for us. So it’s always important to start from that place making sure it’s you’re asking the right questions.

Potential Drawbacks to Having Only Big Accounts

Though it might not seem like it, having all or the bulk of your income tied to a few large accounts has its drawbacks or risks. For example, that large company paying you half of your monthly revenue might file bankruptcy and not pay you any of your money and leave you will half the revenue you used to be making. Or they might be really controlling or hard to work with or have unrealistic or unfair expectations of you and your employees. Any of these scenarios are a lot more dire if these accounts are 50% or more of your monthly revenue. For this reason, Mike recommends you never have an account that represents more than 15% of your total monthly revenue.

Understand Their Pain

The easiest answer to how to sell a big account, or any account really, is to understand and articulate that you understand their pain. The difference between and small and a big account, however, is that the pain of a large account is much bigger than a small account. These are large office buildings will hundreds or thousands of employees and someone is in charge of making sure the office looks well-kept. That same person will hear about it if the cleaning isn’t being done properly. So if you can sell to them that using you will ensure that the boss never gets on them again about the office looking shabby, that’s speaking their language. Not only that, but larger businesses have cleaning budgets and they are willing to pay for someone to take this burden off their shoulders. If you can be that person for them, chances are they are going to give you that job. 

Final Takeaway: Ask the right questions, be clear about the cons, and understand their pain to effectively grow your accounts. 

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