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Episode 618

How to Find Your Niche for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 618


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Episode 1 – How to Find Your Niche for Your Cleaning Company

Hey Cleaning Nation! I am here with the owner of Maui Residential Cleaning, Kayla Marshall. She had been a cleaning employee for years and decided to start her company in May 2020. A fun fact about Kayla is that she lived in the UK for over ten years. While she was there she was a scuba diving instructor. She moved back to Hawaii to teach scuba diving and got burned out. That is where his journey to starting a cleaning business began.

Kayla’s Mindset Struggle.

Kayla has a struggling mindset when it comes to cleaning because she is a big people person. She is trying to move from “someone who cleans toilets for a living” into someone who is “building a business”. What she is saying there is that she doesn’t want to clean anymore. She wants to build her company and have employees. This is a huge thing we look for in our clients because we want that for our clients as well.

Finding Kayla’s Niche

Kayla’s biggest question for us is how to find a niche and market it properly. A lot of times we tell ourselves the lie of “the more people, the more opportunities”. The problem is that if we don’t know exactly who we want to help, we can’t know what they want. When we feel like we don’t have enough prospects the goal is to tighten out parameters. I know that sounds crazy but it’s the truth. It is better to have a smaller amount of perfect prospects than a large number of bad prospects. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are trying to find your niche:
  1. Who is my perfect prospect?
  2. What kind of life do I want to build?
  3. What kind of business do I want to build?
  4. What prospect can I serve to get that?
Originally when Kayla came on the podcast, she was leaning towards Airbnb/Vrbo as her niche but after going through these questions she changed her mind to residential.

What about discount cleanings to help reel in clients?

What happens when we offer discounted and free cleanings to just anyone is we end up attracting bad clients. Offering discounted and free cleanings to “perfect prospects” can help you get the client. However, if you offer these discounts to just anyone you may find yourself having people try to devalue your services and not making any real money.

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