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Episode 666

How to Expand Your Company’s Team and Stop Doing Everything :Episode 666


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Episode 666 – How to Expand Your Company’s Team and Stop Doing Everything

Hey Cleaning Nation! It’s Lindsay Bjorklund, your client happiness manager here with Nathalie Campion. Today we are coming to you from Nashville at our Next Level and Millionaire Mindset event.

How Grow My Cleaning Company Started

When Grow My Cleaning Company first started, Nathalie and Mike were wearing all of the hats, just like any other business. The first step in starting the company was the podcast. This was no easy task because at the time not many people knew what podcasts were. This made finding guests to come on the show a struggle. In order to find guests there was a lot of cold calling and it took a lot of time out of their day. After some trial and error they learned that the most important aspect about a podcast was about what you were sharing with the world. Once they learned that the company started to expand into much more than just a podcast.

Expanding their Team

When the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast started to really take off so did the coaching side of the business. This is when Nathalie really had to start juggling a lot of tasks. She did a really good job but it was hard to keep up with so many things at once so they decided it was time to expand their team. When they started looking for their first team member Nathalie felt like the biggest mistake they made was only looking for one person. The first few people they hired didn’t really work out so they kept looking. Then they found our customer expert Lindsay. Lindsay excelled in so many areas in the business but Nathalie felt like Lindsay shouldn’t have to wear all of the hats that she used to. Overtime they began to hire other people who were experts in each aspect of business. Because of this they were able to put everyone in positions that they loved and excelled at while still learning new things.

Lindsay’s Perspective

Lindsay likes to joke about the fact that when she first applied for the position the title was “Virtual Assistant”. It turned out that this was not just any virtual assistant job. She was given many tasks within the business but she was a quick learner and had a ton of prior experience in the jobs that she was being given. Even though she was given more tasks than she was expecting she loved the challenges and is grateful for all of the growth she made. Because of this she now has a team of her own and does an amazing job leading them

When did Nathalie Leave the Business?

Nathalie wore a ton of different hats in the business and was a huge asset to the team. She was key in the growth of Grow My Cleaning Company and worked alongside Mike for a long time. Phasing out of the business was a process but she has been out for about two years. The biggest step in Nathalie being able to step out of the business was Lindsay. Lindsay took over about 75% of her workload and was amazing at it. Because she was so amazing, handing over those tasks came very easily. As they started to hire other experts she gave out more of her workload and finally phased out. Now she is completely retired from the business but is still a key part in supporting the amazing team that now makes up Grow My Cleaning Company.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the right help for your business may surprise you in many ways. By hiring the right people for your business you will grow much quicker than you thought you ever could. Our top tips for finding the right people is to hire with your core values and don’t be surprised if they mess up. Use that as an opportunity for everyone to grow and get better.

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