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Episode 623

How to Disaster-Proof Your Cleaning Company: Episode 623


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Episode 623 – How to Disaster-Proof Your Cleaning Company

Hey Cleaning Nation! We are so excited to have Rodney Lie on the podcast with us today. I have known him for years and he is part of our Next Level Program. In 2008 he started Office Pride in Denver Colorado and specifically serves dentists and orthodontists. A fun fact about Rodney is that he was actually on the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast Episode 6 when we first started!

How Rodney Ended Up Owning a Cleaning Business

Before entering the cleaning space Rodney was a teacher and school administrator. One day he realized he was burned out and started searching for other jobs that he would enjoy. He always knew deep down that he had an entrepreneurial spirit and although he loved teaching, he just knew it wasn’t for him anymore. He tried a couple of things but couldn’t really find the right fit. When he discovered the cleaning industry he realized that it was something he could not only enjoy but also help people.

Rodney's Big Realization about His Business

Rodney found us in the beginning. He was involved in a franchise and worked off of their core values. After listening to the podcast, he realized that he needed to establish his own core values. In September of 2019 Rodney had a major stroke at forty-seven and was given a 20% chance of survival. Because of amazing medical care he walked out of the hospital in only two days. He had very little physical issues and has since overcome them. After this he knew he had a good business but the idea that this could happen again made him realize that he needed a business that could run it itself if need be.

The Big Change

After his stroke he had about eight weeks before he could get back to work. Even though he had a great team that kept things mostly running while he was gone, he knew it had to be better. He knew that he needed a business that didn’t rely on him because something like this could happen again and he needed the business to protect his family, employees, and clients. Then he started focusing on his core values. This put a major change into effect because he had to let some people go that didn’t share his core values. When he took that step and replaced his employees with people who shared his core values, his business benefited greatly.

Rodney has His Freedom Back

Rodney realized that it wasn’t going to be a magic process for him because it was going to take discipline. He knew that it was extremely important to keep up with his regular interview, working on it when he didn’t want to, and really focus on integrating his core values into his hiring ads. Even though he had to step out of his comfort zone and confront his fears head-on, the benefit hugely outweighed the growing pains. He experienced not only business growth but personal growth. He doesn’t have to clean anymore and trusts his employees to show up and do a good job. The anxiety of worrying about whether he will have to go clean again has gone away and he is able to have so much more freedom.
Employees with the Same Core Values Helps the Clients Too
Rodney has the ability to rave about his team and be truthful about it. Because of this, he doesn’t worry about his clients being unhappy and having to fix the problem. He has extreme confidence in his team which gives him a huge peace of mind.

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