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Episode 604

How to Delegate & Scale Your Cleaning Company: Episode 604


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Episode 604 – How to Delegate & Scale Your Cleaning Company

Mike: Today you guys are in for a special treat! We have Linday Bjorklund on the call today and we are going to speak about how to scale your company by leveraging other people’s time. When we first started we were smaller and Lindsay was doing a bunch of stuff. How did we transition from being one person doing 4 jobs to transitioning some of that work to other people?

Lindsay: So on the first day of the job I was given a bunch of tasks to see how I did and was told if you do well one day you will be able to hire some other people to do the jobs you are doing.

Mike: Some encouragement I would give to guys is to be straightforward with your team, give fake tasks to see how they do, and give your BEST interviews. How did it feel to be on the other side of that?

Lindsay: It felt pretty freeing. I felt as if I wasn’t being micromanaged with what would happen a lot in my previous jobs. A lot of it was seeing how we worked together and being allowed to do it on my own with some feedback.

Mike: How did you know when you had too much work on your plate and needed to hire someone?

Lindsay: To be honest I think I realized on my own that I was doing simple tasks that I didn’t need to be doing. At this point, Mike and I went through the things that really needed my attention and the things that I could delegate to someone else.

Mike: Once you knew you needed to hire someone how did you do it?

Lindsay: First I decided that the position I needed to fill was a virtual assistant. We found a great site called Upwork. I found a few people there and decided to test a few people at the same time to see what we needed to be done and how they did the job. We found someone from the Philippines which is where we found Apple. A lot of Cleaning Nation knows her, she’s my right hand and she is the spreadsheet queen!

Mike: Our team is absolutely amazing and the community has flourished because of it. With all of the other opportunities, you had why did you choose to work with us?

Lindsay: The way I found you was with a hiring company called Great Assistant and your core values were right on the application. One of them was having fun and it caught my attention. From there we had our interviews and I saw how fun it really would be working with you. Core values make a huge difference and I have applied that to every job listing I have posted and through my experience I know it has helped me find the best people for my team.

Mike: It is so important to know your core values right off the top of your head. Lindsay said the key part which is too actual LIVE your core values. A lot of times we find our clients will hire cheap cleaners that they don’t enjoy working with and that can completely change your experience.

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