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Episode 627

How to Decide to Go ALL IN on Your Cleaning Business: Episode 627


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Episode 627 – How to Decide to Go ALL IN on Your Cleaning Business: Episode 627

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today we have the awesome Jared Baker on the podcast today and we are going to answer his top question. He purchased a commercial cleaning company in 2016 called Bluegrass Cleaning and is ready to get out of cleaning. Not only is he running the company, but he also has a full time job.

Jared’s Current Struggle

Jared purchased Bluegrass Cleaning five years ago from a friend when he was transitioning out of his other job. Jared liked being creative, and that creativity didn’t mix well with his government job. By purchasing the cleaning company, he was able to be creative in his work again. When he purchased the business he had seven employees and nine commercial clients. Now he has eighty-three clients and thirty-four employees. It has become very difficult to handle a full time job, three kids, and a growing business at the same time, especially because his wife works a full time job as well. A few reasons why he hasn’t quit his government job is because he has been there for fifteen years, it’s a flexible job, the benefits are great, and he is in a high level position. The biggest reason for him not quitting is that if he works five more years he will get to keep his health benefits.

How Jered Can Move Past his Struggle

We can break down any problem into time or money. Most people will be broke in one or the other. In general as a society, we either trade time for money or money for time. The goal of owning a business is to have both. For Jered we can first break down the health benefit struggle. If you don’t have health benefits then it costs you money, but if you do, it doesn’t. In order to have those health benefits, Jered is trading his time. Knowing this, we can break it down to money, and not health benefits, which can help move us out of that struggle of letting go.

What Will Change His Mindset

After breaking all of this down, we can find that Jered’s struggle is really a lack of decision. When you work a full time job you are taking eight hours out your day that you could be working on your business. Having that much more time in your day to work on your business can skyrocket your business. The only wrong decision is a no decision. No matter what his decision is, his life can change.

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