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Episode 859

How to Cultivate Characteristics to Develop Your Identity as a Leader: Episode 859


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Episode 859 –How to Cultivate Characteristics to Develop Your Identity as a Leader: Episode 859

Today on the podcast, we have Suzanne here with Mike to talk about how to view yourself as an owner instead of a cleaner. Something Suzanne focuses on in this podcast is the idea that instead of working harder, you should be thinking differently. Through thinking differently, you are able to think of ideas for how you can grow a company instead of having another 9-5 job. Mike and Suzanne discuss the power of cultivating characteristics that can contribute to your identity as the leader of your company, and how to get clear on what those are. If you’re ready to make the shift from having a job to owning a business, this is the episode for you.

Your Sucess is Based on How You See Yourself

Making the shift from having a good job to becoming the CEO of your business is a matter of mindset. Your success is based on how you see yourself. That means, as long as you see yourself as someone who has to be cleaning in the business for anything to get done, you are never going to set aside the time necessary to create systems that will get you out of the actual cleaning and allow your business to grow and scale. You will continue to stay in the same position year in and year out, right in the thick of everything without enough time to get your head above water to see what else your company could really be.

What Characteristics Does a CEO Embody?

At the end of the day, not being willing to step into the CEO role is typically more about some deep-rooted beliefs about yourself. Maybe you think your worth comes from clients telling you that you’re great at your job. Maybe you feel like you aren’t capable of really running a big, successful business but you are confident in your ability to clean a house beautifully. It feels scary and uncomfortable to step out of that space. But ultimately, if you can get clear on what characteristics you need to have, you can start to embody what a CEO needs to believe about themselves and their company. One such characteristic is decisiveness.

Characteristics Can Become Your Identity

It is hard to change who you are at your core. If you decide you have to be someone completely different so that you can be the CEO of your company, that is essentially a fool’s errand. You are who you are. That said, there are characteristics that you can cultivate that can become part of your identity as you learn and reinforce them in your daily life. Like a muscle, these characteristics used regularly will become easier to use and will become more of a part of you. In Mike’s experience, the characteristics that can be very helpful in creating that identity are decisiveness, resourcefulness, being committed, and being coachable. Those are four characteristics that will help you work towards being a great leader in your company. 

Final Podcast: Creating a list of characteristics you want to embody is the first step towards creating the identity of a leader. 

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