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Episode 274

How to Create Systems in Your Cleaning Business for Maximum... Episode 274: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 274 – How to Create Systems in Your Cleaning Business for Maximum

Today we’re chatting with Darryl Wilson from Wilson Cleaning Services!

One of the most important aspects of your business is not just finding new clients, but investing in the people that are actually working for you.

While the turnover rate can be high in a cleaning business, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to make your people better. Sure, some people will definitely leave and you’ll feel like you’ve wasted your valuable time on them. But there is NOTHING worse Cleaning Nation that having people stay around forever and they never improve in anyway.

So what are the steps in getting GOOD people working for you and growing with your company?

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The first step is getting the right applicants. In order to get the right applicants your initial hiring ad they’ll see should absolutely be shouting your core values. It should be written in such a way that it disqualifies the majority of people looking at the job ad. When they leave the job ad for your website to actually apply, that portion of your site should recap that ad instead of just being a blank form for them to fill out. Once they fill out the form, use an autoresponder service like Aweber to send out a weekly or monthly group interview notice. Do this for a few weeks, and you’ll have a ton of highly qualified applicants coming.

During the group interview, take the ones that you like the most and set up a second one on one interview. This interview can start their training on the core values of your company.

While I never advise hiring full time employees (I prefer part time cleaners working 25-35 hours per week, otherwise they’re more prone to becoming burned out), keep in mind that when you bring on new employees that their first week probably won’t have that many hours. You want to bring them slowly into the job. That first week is totally fine with doing training on site, with the majority of the training being based around core values with some actual work and only having your new hire work 15-20 hours that week.

This is the very start of your system to start training people up.

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As your business grows and hires more cleaners, eventually you can start looking at hiring your best people for the management roles that will undoubtedly eventually pop up as you continue to grow and invest into your organization.

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Read books!

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Overloading your plate! Going 10x before you’re ready to do it.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Creating systems based on the book Extreme Ownership.
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