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Episode 248

How to Create Raving Fans of your Cleaning Service: Episode 248: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 248 – How to Create Raving Fans of Your Cleaning Company

How to Crack the Code of Creating Raving Fans for a Residential Cleaning Business
Today I chatted with Brunson Sayes about creating raving fans for your residential cleaning business. The thing is… a lot of people view cleaning services as a sort of a commodity.

Company A is the same as Company B etc.

This is simply not true! You can truly stand out and make a huge difference in your market just by adding a few high touch points with your clients. Remember, as I often say, we are NOT in the cleaning business we are in the client attraction business. Attracting good clients that pay us on time and then stay with us for the long haul with renewing their contracts is the real goal of our business.

You might think $50 to acquire a single customer is a lot of money… until you realize that single customer over a period of months is worth $3,000. I would pay as high as $500 for that kind of client and price out my entire competition in a heartbeat. Of course, you might say don’t get all that money right away which is a fair point… until you realize you can actually create long term contracts with the client pays a significant amount of the contract upfront.

So outside of marketing spend, how can we create this high touch environment?

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Want a Raving Fan? Know Them First.
If you want someone to rave about you, you need to first make sure you’re doing an excellent service by them. You need to figure out who they are, why did they choose you over your competitors and most importantly what is the pain you’re solving for them?

The pain isn’t that they have a dirty house. The pain is they don’t have time to take of their personal lives at home. The pain is that the dirty dishes stresses them out. The pain is that not having a maid is a sign of lower status in their minds and they need this status symbol to make them feel positive about themselves.

It can be any of these things and more, but you NEED to know what the pain is so you can solve it properly and leverage your solution as something that is just a dead simple YES for them when it comes to buying your cleaning service.

Once you know the pain, you can focus on benefits over features. A feature is “We use 7 premium cleaning chemicals that are all natural”, a benefit is “We give you more time at home to do the things you love, let us handle the dirty work”.

Or as Brunson said, “You don’t want to walk into chaos, you want to walk into bliss.”

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Once you have that figured out, it comes down to the little things. Surprise your clients with a gift, make it something personal, maybe something they’ve shown obvious interest in on facebook. You can create a once month or once a quarter meetup of your clients, like a bowling event or a BBQ. These kind of events create a SUPER sticky situation leaving a positive vibe with your clients that can retain them for years just for these simple get togethers.

The next thing you can do is ask your customers what made them get over the fear of signing that contract with you? More importantly, how does their life look like now that they’re using your service?

These can make GREAT case studies on your website and should be used.

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Create systems. When you have a problem, use a system to automate it

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Hiring a friend that had no experience but said good at cleaning their own house. Created a hiring process to avoid that situation.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Use systems for even the smallest things, like how your assistant answers the phone. Simple things can create huge return on investment.
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