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Episode 870

How to Create a “People” Business: Episode 870


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Episode 870 – How to Create a “People” Business: Episode 870

Today on the podcast, we have Lindsay chatting with the wonderful Tracey Thompson about how to look at our cleaning business as a ‘people’ business. You serve people by cleaning for them, but you are still serving people. If you view it this way and show up for people, instead of this trend of doing as little as possible and charging the most possible, it will make sure a difference in the culture of your company and for the people you serve. This is an important topic, not only for those you serve but for you as an owner to your business as a whole and the people in it.

How do You Create a Culture of Connection and Community?

Tracey believes that a big reason we are seeing ‘the great resignation’ or that large quantities of people leavingi their jobs is coming from this vast disconnection that is happening in companies all over. How can you be different? First, really understand your niche. The more you niche down, the more you can understand what the people you are trying to serve want and creat those connections with them. One of our members has a niche of cleaning for people with pets. Not only does she love pets, but her employees love pets. And they go the extra mile by bringing things like dog treats to their appointments, and making sure hair and fur is all cleaned up on coaches, things like that. This is such a great way to connect with her employees and with her clients. Connecting over something you both care about it a great way to create a ‘people’ business.

Be Yourself

In order to have a culture that reflects what is most important to you and attract others like you, you have to understand what really matters to you. Sit down, have a conversation with your person, or just write it out. Really think about what matters to you, what makes you tick. These are your core values. They are the first thing you need as you create the culture of your business, both for your employees and for your clients. But you have to know how you want to approach things. And you can only be an authentic as you believe you are. If you are disingenuous, it is going to show up in the way you put yourself out there and people are going to catch on to that quickly. You have to believe it, then live it, THEN invite others to do the same.

Be Brave

It can be really to fall into scarcity or fear of thinking that if you are truly yourself, no one is going to want to work for you. Or that is feels to scary or too uncomfortable. But we are already in this interesting spot where hiring is a different beast than it used to be. So you really have nothing to lose. Be yourself, be courageous. Show who you are to someone today, even if it feels scary and watch how people react. You’ll be surprised. And that is where you start to get your leverage over what you are trying to create in the first place. That is where you get your ‘why’ for your business. 

Final Thoughts:  In order to create a culture of ‘people’, you have to be true to yourself and invite others to follow your lead. 

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