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Episode 1077

Why Company Culture is CRUCIAL for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1077


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Episode 1077 – Why Company Culture is CRUCIAL for Your Cleaning Company

Why Culture Matters

In this lively Facebook live turned podcast, Mike Campion and Lindsay Bjorklund dive into the crucial topic of building culture within your cleaning company. Mike starts by announcing their upcoming live event in Orlando, Florida, while Lindsay shares insights from the community and teases a special Valentine’s Day episode. The main theme of the week is introduced: the importance of building a strong company culture and understanding why it’s essential.

The Significance of Core Values

Mike Campion emphasizes the significance of company culture, highlighting the pitfalls of solely relying on operations manuals. He argues that while manuals are important, they often go unread or quickly become outdated. Instead, he proposes distilling company culture down to core values. By encapsulating the company’s ethos in just a few words—such as “have fun, make money, be real, help out”—employees can easily internalize and apply these principles in their daily work.

Inexpensive Ways to Appreciate Employees

A viewer’s question prompts a discussion on inexpensive ways to show employee appreciation. Mike stresses the importance of creativity over budget, citing examples of thoughtful gestures that make a lasting impact. He shares anecdotes of personalized gifts and experiences, illustrating how small gestures can foster a sense of belonging and appreciation among team members.

Monthly Parties and Team Building

The conversation shifts to the concept of monthly parties as a means of team building. Mike advocates for these gatherings as an opportunity for employees to bond and unwind outside of work hours. He emphasizes the importance of fun and camaraderie, suggesting activities like dinners, bowling, or even bounce house competitions. These events serve as a platform for recognizing achievements and strengthening team morale.

Transitioning to Remote Leadership

The podcast concludes with a discussion on running a cleaning business remotely. Mike encourages entrepreneurs to embrace the possibility of managing their business from afar, emphasizing that the principles of effective leadership remain unchanged. While in-person meetings may be replaced by virtual gatherings, the core values and strategies for success remain consistent.

By embracing a strong company culture, prioritizing employee appreciation, and adapting to remote leadership, cleaning company owners can cultivate a thriving business environment that fosters growth and success.

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