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Episode 563

How to Compete with “Big” Cleaning Competitors: Episode 563: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 563 – How to Compete with “Big” Cleaning Competitors: Episode 563: Mike Campion LIVE

Today we are going to dive into a Cleaning Nation member’s request. He’s Thomas and he wants to know how to compete with big cleaning competitors!

I Was Blinded at First:

When I first started my cleaning company, I was about 22 or 23 years old. I was young and I didn’t know what to do. Because I bought the franchise, I thought I should be the big guy. I felt that my growth was capped because of some external being’s (the franchise) doing.

How I Figured it Out:

When I handled my construction company, I started running it based on core values and building a culture that was powerful. That freed me from the feeling of having to compete. I just focused on running my company and I was just happy growing it. The reality is, once I realized that if I could just focus on what I had to offer rather than what the other guys were doing, I understood that what they were doing wasn’t as important. When I had my cleaning company, I focused too much on what others were doing. Once I moved to my construction company, because I was so focused on culture and was having fun and making money, I didn’t have time to look at what other people were doing. I realized when I focused on my unique thing and what I had to offer, I became the competition myself.

3 Steps to Win Against Your Competition:

  1. First we need to get clear. You need to get clear on what you want, who your perfect prospect is, what your unique strengths are, and how to make your perfect prospect lives better. Be clear and as specific as you can to avoid falling into the trap of just wanting more and more. Figure out the life you want, what it looks and feels like.
  2. Once you’re clear on what you want, you’re getting clear on who your perfect prospect is. If you understand who you are serving, who your perfect prospect is, and what their pain is, then you will know how you are going to serve them.
  3. Third, you focus on the unique strengths that you bring to the world. For us our unique strength was our core values. Our core values have always been the same: to have fun, make money, be real and help out.


If you want to overcome your competitors, you should stop competing and focus on yourself first. Focus on the value that you bring and ignore what others are doing, because what they do and what they think about your business doesn’t really matter. Instead of competing with other people on what they want, be crystal clear on what you want. Once you get clear and focus on what you want, you’ll see your competitors following you instead!

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