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Episode 799

How to Change Your Business By Changing Yourself First: Episode 799


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Episode 799 – How to Change Your Business By Changing Yourself First

Welcome to the podcast, everyone! Today, we have a little guest swap. We have Tracey chatting with Mike about how to change your business by changing yourself first. We have done a lot of podcasts up to this point, almost 800 in fact. But until you start putting what we teach into practice, nothing really changes. Today’s podcast dives into the importance of changing more than just the tactical things in your business. It is about changing yourself and how to do that.

How Our Program Was Born

When Mik first started Grow My Cleaning Company, it was just this podcast. The podcast was really tactical, and what would happen was people would listen to the podcast, they would like what they heard, they would agree that they needed to make changes, and then they wouldn’t do anything. After getting stuck in trying to figure out why people weren’t willing to make the obvious changes I was suggesting, Mike started to realize it was more about their mindset than the knowledge he was giving them.

The Lie That Working Harder = Success

What Mike sees so often in people he talks with, is that when things aren’t going well, rather than taking on the discomfort of change, they think if they just work harder, things will work themselves out. That work ethic= success. But the road of entrepreneurship is littered with the corpses of people who have thought that if they only put in more hours, they would make it. The truth is, if you want different results, you have to be doing different things to bring about those results.

Decide to End the Cycle By Getting the Support You Need

Mike and Tracey liken this kind of hole you’re in when you’re so busy working to make things work you can’t see the light, to being drunk. And if you can just take some time to ‘sober up’ and look outside of yourself and look for support. It takes someone with different ideas, someone who knows how to build what you don’t to really help. We can be that support if you’re looking for it. We’ve helped hundreds of companies just like you get out of that rut of working harder just to ultimately dig a bigger hole.

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