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Episode 558

How to Build CULTURE in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 558: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 558 –How to Build CULTURE in Your Cleaning Company

Today, Cleaning Nation, we are going to talk about building culture in your cleaning company. We will be talking about how a strong culture can affect you, your employees, your business growth, and your customers.

The Importance of Building Culture:

By building culture, you won’t need a perfect employee handbook to get and keep good employees. You won’t need to pay more. You won’t need to be a fake professional. Fake professionalism not only turns off your employees, it also turns off your customers! Show who you really are and you will attract the right people who will love working with you and whom you will love working with!

Core Values:

At Grow My Cleaning Company, our core values are; have fun, make money, be real, and help out. And it has never changed since 15 years ago. We built a culture based on those core values. 

Keeping these core values in mind, this answers tons of questions such as:

  1. This customer is pissed off , what do I do?
  2. What do you think is the most fun situation for you, me and that customer?
  3. How do you think we’re gonna make the most money for them and for us?
  4. How do you think we can be totally real and transparent in this situation?
  5. How do we have fun?
  6. How do we help out?
  7. How do we serve them?
  8. How do we serve each other? 

I clarified the core values so everybody can understand. And we’ve had fun a lot of times. We had games, parties, and we showed who we were. I communicated with my employees and let them sense a feeling of home. 

The beautiful thing is, once you’ve established your core values, you communicate them, and share them, your life gets better AND your business gets better. Your only job is to infuse you r core values in all of that!

To Sum it Up:

Having culture, core values and shared beliefs with your team is the key to not just fast growth but to having freedom for us as owners!

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