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Episode 741

How to Build a Team Who Works for You: Episode 741


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Episode 741 – How to Build a Team Who Works for You

Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, we have John Torres, owner of Clean Club which he started in 2018. He was an elite member of ours and is here today to chat with us about where his business has gone since he worked with us. John became a commercial cleaner after a failed dream of being a real estate investor. During that experience, he became acquainted with someone who had a contract doing commercial cleaning and saw the potential there. He took over the contract and started hustling for business. Shortly after, he became a client of ours. Now, he’s ready to hire a full fledged sales team to help continue to build his company and wants to get Mike’s advice on how best to approach that. Listen in as Mike shares what has worked for him and his clients in the past, and how it could work for you.

Don’t Hire One Person for the Whole Sales Cycle

If you hire one person to be involved in the entire sales cycle, your system will crumple if they leave. If you hire a really capable person, oftentimes, they won’t stick around forever. If they are really good at their job, chances are they will decide to go out on their own and do something or even start their own company. Rather than being fully dependent on a couple of really qualified people who are essential to the success of your company, hire different people with different skill sets and set up a process that can stand alone if they step away from their position. For example, in our company Grow My Cleaning Company, we have a podcast (the one you’re listening to right now) that warms our audience. Then we advertise to people to further warm people. And we have someone whose only job is to warm people and get leads. He has nothing to do with sales. That way, if he leaves, our whole system doesn’t crumble.

Any High End Client Should be Bid By You

Once you have your leads generated, leave the smaller bids to a sales person but take the bigger ones yourself. Mike recommends taking on any bids higher than $2,000 a month personally. It’s worth your time to get a contract that big, and you are the best person for them to talk to. So though it makes sense not to take each and every bid, make time for the big ones. Your return will be greater.

Hire People to do Jobs for You, But Still Know What’s Going On in Your Company

One common mistake cleaning owners make is assuming that because they have hired someone out to do a specific job, they can be completely hands off. The truth is, to know if your money is being well spent or your company is doing well, you need to have a firm understanding as the head of the company of what is going on in each individual department. In Mike’s case, he has two full time Facebook ad people. Though they are the experts, he still knows what a good copy looks like, what a strong cost per acquisition is and what their numbers should look like. WIthout that basic knowledge you’re just trusting that the people you are hiring know what they’re doing rather than the other way around. It is a disempowering position to be in.

Final Takeaway: Be clear on the roles you should take on, and which you should hire out.

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