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Episode 041

How to Build a Successful Cleaning Business : Episode 041: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 041 – How to Build a Successful Cleaning Business

How to Build a Successful Cleaning Business
Who wants to know how to build a successful cleaning business? Who already knows how to build an unsuccessful pain in the butt cleaning business? Well half of you are in the right place! Read on and see which half…

Our fearless host Mike Campion hangs out with Jeffrey Carruthers from Gold Cleaning all the way from sunny Canada (yeah, there was a little sarcasm in there) and they talk about the trials and tribulations associated with How to Build a Successful Cleaning Business.

Mike and Jeffrey cover the fine line owners of cleaning companies walk between handling the day to day hassles and headaches of running a business and doing the things that need to be done to build something special. Making that transition from doing everything yourself and hiring staff to handle day to day operations is a special kind of skill and we talk about it right here on today’s episode!

Having been there and done that (Mike lost all of his employees on his first day as a business owner), he shares how to sell yourself out of a job and into being a business owner.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s hard work- but can change your life and your financial future forever!

Long story short, it can feel like an employee problem, a cash problem or a time management problem, but most of the issues around building a successful cleaning business stem from lack of ability to acquire profitable clients!

Lucky for you, he also hits a couple home runs as he breaks down some solid client acquisition systems to keep the money flowing month in and month out- giving you and your cleaning company the cash flow to be the business you always dreamed of….

BONUS LOVIN: if your margins are right, you’re always going to be ok

So many owners make the mistake of selling hours which is a LOW profit endeavor- listen in and learn how to charge MORE without losing customers and how “saving money” by doing it yourself can blow up your business building efforts.

Last but certainly not least, Mike turns the tables on Jeffrey and gives him the opportunity to bring the heat for Cleaning Nation in the Lightening Round. Here are some of the high notes:

Just do it (not sure Jeffrey is the first to say that…)
Know your subcontractors
Get involved in a local networking group (Mike tells you how to supercharge this fine idea)
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