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Episode 620

How to Bring More Value to Your Clients as a Cleaning Business Owner: Episode 620


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Episode 620 – How to Bring More Value to Your Clients as a Cleaning Business Owner

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today we have Krissi and Kat joining us. They are identical twins and started Twin Power Residential Cleaning in 2017 in Canada. They have been throughout the Elite program already and are going to share what they have learned!

Krissi and Kat’s Journey

Krissi and Kat worked at the same cafe for six years. After quitting her job at a cafe, Krissi just grabbed a bucket and started cleaning. About six months later Kat quit her job and started cleaning as well. They had separate clients for a while but soon started working together, even bringing one of their friends along. Krissi then found the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast and immediately scheduled a call. Around the same time Kat started thinking about how she could make money doing what she loved but not have to work a ton of hours.

Krissi’s AHA Moment

When Krissi started listening to the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast her eyes were opened. When she heard Mike say “Work on your business, not in your business” she realized that was what she wanted. She realized that if she could build a team of people she could make a passive income and have freedom. She knew that if other people could do it, so could she.

Kat’s AHA Moment

Kat found that cleaning and getting clients came really easily. However, she didn’t want to be cleaning forever. When Krissi came to Kat with the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast and the program, Kat didn’t know what to think. But, after listening to the podcast she realized that if you are good at something you just need to go for it.

Krissi and Kat’s Experience with the Program

When Krissi and Kat joined the program their lives went from easy to a little hard. They were all committed to the program and learned that they bring so much more value to the world than they thought. Krissi found that the hardest part was the mindset shift because in her mind she didn’t believe that she had more value to the world. Once she gave in, her mind was expanded and things started to change. Kat was working a ton and really wanted more freedom. She realized that she was resisting the mindset of being able to make a lot of money in the cleaning business without having to clean. Taking the step to go through that mindset shift was incredibly worth it to her. Even though changing your mindset can be difficult, pushing yourself through it will transform your business and yourself.

A Dream Come True

As soon as 2021 came around the stars aligned for them. Their managers started to do the hiring process, payroll, scheduling and walkthroughs. Since January both of them have barely had to clean. Instead of working forty hours a week they now work only 10 but make MORE money!

Krissi and Kat’s Big Takeaway

Kat’s big takeaway from the program was the systems that she learned in the program. It has saved her so much time and energy. She also gained a lot from the community and mentorship. She learned so much through the program that she would have never thought about without it. Krissi’s big takeaway was core values. After finding her core values, she built everything about her business around it and they became her guide post.

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