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Episode 881

How to Be the Solution to Someone’s Problem: Episode 881


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Episode 881 – How to Be the Solution to Someone’s Problem: Episode 881

In today’s episode, we get to listen to one of the trainings done during our most recent retreat in Orlando. Callum, the newest member of our team and the marketer who helps our clients gave this presentation. He talks about how to be the solution to the problem your potential client is looking for in order to attract their business. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of moving parts and getting it just right may be vital in converting leads into clients. Listen in as he gives some great advice on how to do this as effectively as possible.

What Problem Does Your Ideal Have?

Step one to getting clear on your solution is to get clear on what the problem an ideal client might have. What is the thing that would make them start looking for a cleaning service? In the retreat, someone mentioned that in a recent pain call, the potential client said that they ‘didn’t want the grime to creep in’. From this insight, you can start to get clear on what emotion this person might be feeling. In the case, they decided it was fear. Fear that her beautiful new home that looks so clean and well maintained will stop looking that way if they don’t keep up on the cleaning.

Think About What Solution You Would Provide

In the actual retreat, people were sitting next to each other so they were able to switch papers are write solutions for each other. Since you are listening to this episode after the fact, you could pretend you don’t know anything about the niche of your business currently and write a solution just as any person off the street would. It will help you think about it more objectively and on a broader scale than using all the biases you already have about what you think people should think about your business.

The Reveal

Once the exercise was over, Callum asked if anyone wanted to share. Someone volunteered. He stated that the problem his ideal client would have is hiring four to six different vendors to cover all different kinds of cleaning with people constantly falling through. One for carpets, another for windows, etc. The solution someone presented was to be a cleaning company that is all those cleaning services rolled into one. In this case, that’s what they were doing, but they weren’t marketing that clearly. He didn’t really see it until he did this exercise. This is the power of intentionally being the solution to a client’s problem and then marketing as such.

Come Up With a Tag Line

Once you have that problem and that solution, coming up with a tagline can be show why you are the best solution. A tagline can be tricky, but when done effectively it can be so useful because it shows what so quickly what you are able to do for them. For some, this can be easy to figure out but for most of you, it will take some time and thought to really put something together. That ok, because when you get it right, it will really make a difference in the way people understand who you are and what you do. 

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