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Episode 809

How to Be Profitable AND Have a Life: Episode 809


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Episode 809 –How to Be Profitable AND Have a Life

Welcome to the podcast! Today we have Kurt Elsener who started Premier Janitorial Services in March of 2021 in Tulsa Oklahoma. He is one of our clients and has a really cool story about how he got where he is today, and is going to share it today on the podcast. Stay tuned to learn about how he went from working for a cleaning company to owning one and what he did differently to get things started on the right feet and get profitable right away while still having a life

What Needed to Change

Kurt did early what most people waste a lot of time and energy on before they get the right help-systemizing his business. Before he started his own business, he managed a commercial cleaning company. Though he loved his boss and the people he worked with, he wanted something more for his family. He decided to break off from that company and start his own. From the beginning, he wanted to make sure that he had systems and processes set up correctly because when he worked for the previous company, they didn’t have that organization in place and spent most of their time putting out fires and chasing their tail. That is what brought him to Mike.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Be Coachable

One thing that has really been an advantage to Kurt is that he has been so coachable as he’s grown his business. He has turned to people who know more than him, taken their advice, and followed it to the letter. And he has seen success as a result of it. This requires humility and it requires stepping out of your comfort zone. In his words, he wakes up every day and tries to do something that feels scary and that pushes him. And some days he kills it and everything goes great, and other days it doesn’t. The point is, he is constantly stretching and growing himself and his business and never staying stagnant.

Create the Life You Want

Kurt, like so many of our clients was working a lot of hours and not making a lot of profit. This prevented him from having the time to grow his business or spend time doing anything else outside of work. By putting these systems and processes in place, he is working about 25 hours a week and is completely out of cleaning. Not only that, he is still making the same amount of money he was before AND he has the kind of recurring, quality customers he wants. Once we are in a place where we can pay all of our bills and only work a handful of hours a week, now we are in a place of freedom to do so much more with our time, either in our outside of our business. This is the place Kurt is discovering. 

Final Takeaway: Create the life and business you want by stepping out of your comfort zone and learning systems and processes to help your business automate itself. 

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