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Episode 782

How to Be in Control Regardless of Your Circumstances: Episode 782


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Episode 782 – How to Be in Control Regardless of Your Circumstances

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Lindsay Bjorklund chatting with Tracey Thompson, our mindset guru. Tracey is fresh off of a four-day Tony Robinson workshop and she came back with all kinds of golden nuggets. She is going to share some of those today that you can 100% implement into your own cleaning business and the way you show up in the world. You can hear the energy pouring from Tracey. Come listen in and let her pour it right onto you!

We Are Meant to Be Energy Generators, Not Energy Receivers

One of the biggest takeaways Tracey had during this workshop was that we are meant to be energy generators, not energy receivers. That we can generate that from within us. The idea is that if we wake up and we’re not feeling great, and then our daughter is sick and one of our employees calls out for work and our dog is barfing on the floor, it can be easy to say- I’m in a bad mood because of all the things going on around me. But when we move from a reactive headspace to a proactive one, all of the sudden all the power shifts back to us. Meaning we are in control over how we react to any circumstance no matter how heavy. And that is such a huge, empowering shift because we no longer have to wait around for other people to get it right for us to feel good or in control of our lives.

Being Pro-actor (proactive) vs a re-actor (reactive)

In a reactive state, a stressful situation would go as follows: you are stressed about hiring employees because you worry they are going to make a mistake or that your clients won’t want to continue choosing your business or that you won’t be able to be in control of all that’s going on. Then, when something does go wrong, you become frantic and anxious and start to immediately react to what is going on. Maybe that’s yelling or being disloyal about your employees or defensive or aggressive. Being a pro-actor or proactive means taking a beat and asking yourself, ok, who do I want to be in this scenario so that things can be handled in a calm, confident, measured, intentional way.

Start Your Day Off Right

Another powerful thing Tracey learned was the power of starting your day off right. So, rather than rolling over to turn off your alarm and start scrolling Instagram, you are going to start your day intentionally. That means you are going to sit up in bed and start to slowly breathe. And as you breathe, you are going to choose one word for the day and be that word. So, maybe your word for the day is ‘organized’. And as you breathe slowly in and out, you are going to visualize yourself and your day and what it would look like for that day to be organized. The entire process can take less than five minutes, but that little exercise can make all the difference in terms of being intentional throughout the rest of your day. It’s powerful stuff.

Final Takeaway: Be an energy generator, not an energy taker, be proactive and not reactive, and start your day off intentionally.

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