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Episode 795

How to Attract Employees That Match Your Core Values: Episode 795


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Episode 795 – How to Attract Employees That Match Your Core Values

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Brandi Baldwin, who started a solo cleaning business back in 2018 in Winnipeg, Canada. Listen in as she and Mike chat about how to choose your core values and how to hire people that match up with your core values, be it writing ads to hire or how you show up with those people when you interview them.

Make Your Core Values Commands Not Concepts

For Brandy, when she started out, her core values were earnest, hard-working, playful, and being of service to others. While these are great things to strive for, we want to make the core value a command. So, instead of being of service- help out. Instead of earnest- be earnest, hard-working becomes work hard, playful becomes be playful. When you switch the core values to commands, now they are actionable and it becomes more clear how you can implement those values into your company and how people can implement them individually.

To Attract Your Core Values, Be Consistent

The beautiful thing about your core values is that they are just that- yours. To really implement them, you have to be really consistent and blend them through all aspects of your business. So, if one of your core values is ‘be playful’ but your website is really professional and your ads are really run of the mill and your interviews are really stuffy, that core value is not going to be reflected, and you are much less likely to attract people with that value. Instead, make sure your website, your interviews, and your ads all are consistent with your overall vibe, or the core values you yourself represent.

Speak to Who You Want Not What You Want

Instead of writing ads like everyone else who talks about the job-full time cleaning job, competitive pay, etc. talk about WHO you want. That way you will attract someone with the same core values as you and that is much more important than whether or not they are a good cleaner. Cleaning is a skill that is easy to teach. Core values, not so much. In your ad hit their pain points by saying things like ‘are you a hard worker who is sick of working with lazy people?” Right off the bat, if that’s something they relate to, you will know they are a hard worker. If they aren’t interested in working hard, they aren’t going to respond to an ad like that.

Final Takeaway: Make your core values commands, show your core values consistently through your company, and speak to what you want when hiring people to find those who share your core values.

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