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Episode 770

How to Approach Future Employees: Episode 770


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Episode 770 – How to Approach Future Employees

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, we have Cesar Lira of Vania Brito cleaning. He started this business with his partner (Vania Brito) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in March 2013. Today, he and Mike and talking about how to get longevity out of an employee and the right mindset to have around that when it comes to owning a cleaning business. Listen is as Mike helps Cesar learn the best way to approach this goal and the route that will likely lead to the most success.

Expectations For Longevity of Employees

Cesar wants to know how he can train his employees effectively so that they will want to stay at his company for a long time. Something that can really help when we have a specific goal like that is first to ask ourselves if our expectations are reasonable and if they are getting us closer to what we ultimately want. So in the case of him wanting his employees to stay for a long time, the truth of the matter is that when it comes to the cleaning industry or any industry that doesn’t have a lot of room for growth, people usually come to work on their way to something else. Something that has more potential for growth, money, etc. So rather than being really focusing on keeping your employees for years at a time, it’s helpful to set your expectation in a more realistic place. Maybe a couple of months or up to six months with your goal being that they leave that experience better for it.

Value Core Value Match Over Skill Set

Cleaning isn’t a hard skill. It is something you can teach almost anyone if you have the right training. So rather than focusing on someone who has lots of experience in cleaning, focus on someone who has the same core values as you. Someone who comes to work happy, ready to work, and with a good attitude so that no matter where their career path goes, they can learn and improve those skills while they work for you and you can have a great employee to work with along the way.

Coaching Can Show You What You’re Doing Right

In Cesar’s case, when he heard about the importance of core values, he realized he had been doing this with his hiring. That he had been focusing on the attitude of the people he was hiring more than the experience they had. In this case, he was able to use coaching to see that he was approaching this the right way.

Final Takeaway: Have realistic expectations for your employees’ longevity and give them a positive experience that contributes to your company and their well-being along the way.  

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