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Episode 897

How to Act the Way Your Future, Successful Self Would Act: Episode 897


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Episode 897 – How to Act the Way Your Future, Successful Self Would Act

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with one of our excellent mindset coaches, Suzanne. Suzanne is a great resource for ensuring your brain is where it needs to be at your best in your business. Today, she talks with Mike about how thinking like the person you want to become, rather than the reverse is such a powerful tool to get where you want to be in your business.

Reverse the Order

Instead of waiting until you get to a certain point to think a certain way, try doing the reverse. Start thinking and acting the way you would if you already had that success. Ask yourself questions like, what are people with this level of success saying to people? What decisions are they making? You could even ask yourself, what are you wearing? What are you saying to people? Are you saying something is hard? Or are you saying, ‘Yeah, we got through that’.

An Example of This in Action

Suzanne has a mentor named Bob Procter who owned a cleaning business before he decided to become a mentor for others about creating something you want out of your life. Once he made a decision that he wasn’t interested in growing a cleaning company but growing a cleaning empire instead, he started wearing a suit anytime he had to out in the field. Because he wore a suit, no one ever asked him to clean. It was his way of showing up looking and acting how he wanted to ultimately be. That is a powerful way to show your brain that you believe what you hope to be ultimately true.

What Can You Do Today to Move Towards This Mindset?

First, recognize that it’s not going to be comfortable. Our brains are naturally always going to fight against anything new and challenging that we put in front of it. Just expecting that is going to help you work through that fear when it comes. Second, when you make the decisions that this is going to be your new life, the new way that you live, just focus on taking the next right step that comes next. Don’t focus on the big picture and all that could go wrong, you will get overwhelmed and shut down. Instead, try saying a mantra to yourself like ‘it’s not about working harder, it’s about thinking differently’.

Final Takeaway: Decide who you want to be, and start to act like that person, today.

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