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Episode 1016

How They Turned Their Dream Business into REALITY: Alicia & David’s Story: Episode 1016


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Episode 1016
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Episode 1016 – How They Turned Their Dream Business into REALITY: Alicia & David’s Story

Meet Alicia and David: A Journey into Cleaning Entrepreneurship

In the bustling world of cleaning entrepreneurship, success stories often begin with an idea, determination, and a commitment to core values. Alicia and David Simila, a dynamic duo from Orange County, California, embarked on their entrepreneurial journey as a married couple, setting out to create their ideal lives by starting a cleaning business. Their story is not just about cleaning; it’s about building a thriving enterprise from the ground up.

Core Values: The Game-Changer in Hiring the Right Team

Alicia’s background in marketing and David’s experience in the healthcare industry provided them with a solid foundation. But what set them on the path to success was their unwavering commitment to core values. Instead of solely focusing on hiring individuals with prior cleaning experience, they decided to hire based on alignment with their core values. The result? A team that not only delivers outstanding service but also shares their passion for the business.

The Power of a Strong Foundation: Sharpening Your Axe for Success

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe.” Alicia and David took this wisdom to heart, realizing that success in the cleaning industry isn’t just about sales numbers; it’s about having a strong foundation. They invested time in sharpening their axe – building a robust team and ensuring they could meet and exceed client expectations.

Confidence in Action: How Core Values and a Strong Foundation Led to Growth

With their foundation firmly in place, Alicia and David found a newfound confidence in their business. They no longer feared finding employees who would do a subpar job. Instead, they were certain that their core values would attract the right team members who shared their vision. This newfound confidence extended to their sales efforts, where they knew they could promise and deliver a premium service.

Lessons Learned: Insights for Aspiring Cleaning Business Owners

Their journey is a testament to the power of mindset and mentorship. Alicia and David encourage aspiring cleaning business owners to prioritize their identity and mindset. Believing in oneself as a capable business owner is the first step toward success. They also emphasize the value of mentorship – finding someone whose beliefs and actions have yielded the results you desire.


Alicia and David’s story is a testament to the transformative power of core values, a strong foundation, and a growth mindset. As they continue their journey, they inspire others through the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast, sharing the insights and experiences that have shaped their success. Tune in to their podcast for more inspiring stories and valuable lessons for aspiring cleaning entrepreneurs.
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