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Episode 671

How Team Roberts Took a Few Easy Steps to Help Systematize their Cleaning Company: Episode 671


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Episode 671 – How Team Roberts Took a Few Easy Steps to Help Systematize their Cleaning Company

Hey, Cleaning Nation, Mike Campion here with Grow My Cleaning Company. I’m with the lovely and amazing Tasha and Brian Roberts. Their cleaning company is owned by a corporation called ASAP door, located in Phoenix Arizona.

How Tasha and Robert Started

Five years ago, Tasha took over their family construction business. They do doors, glass, and custom steel. Two years ago, Brian decided to add another division which was the cleaning. They saw the opportunity there since they had all the contacts and relationships built, so they naturally started with the post-construction cleanup. They still needed to learn more, be able to keep up with all of their big projects, and get more knowledge in regards to their income

How did Team Roberts Connect with Grow My Cleaning Company?

Robert started to have an idea to have a cleaning company and learn more when he listened to the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast a couple of years ago. Robert never had a cleaning business before, but he was an installer really and never cleaned anything.

Tasha joined Robert on listening to the GMCC podcast, took the initiative to have a breakthrough call, and one of the GMCC coaches called them.

Challenges They’ve Encountered

It was hard for Tasha to overcome her mindset. She had a lot of questions on her mind about how to get past changing their clients and breaking into different markets .

How GMCC helped Team Roberts?

Listening to the GMCC Podcast helped Tasha and Brian a lot, but the biggest changes that they made so far when they joined the program is changing their employees to be paid in the same way, which is on W2. They have two more employees, and have now outsourced the payroll. Now payroll is not stressing them out so much. They are starting to systematize their business!

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