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Episode 660

How Systems and Processes Can Help your Business - Part 2: Episode 660


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Episode 660 – How Systems and Processes Can Help your Business - Part 2

Hey Cleaning Nation! In our last episode we talked about how systems and processes can help your business. Today we are going to continue that discussion and give you even more tips and tricks on how to create them.

Why you should Build Systems Now

If it is just you and you know that it is going to be just you in the future maybe this system isn’t for you. However, if you know you would like to have employees one day and not be in the day to day grind all of the time, creating systems now will benefit you greatly. Creating systems when you are small will help you grow your business bigger and make the transition smoother.

Actions we Need to Stop Doing

One of the number one things we tell our clients when we are trying to get them out of the field and on the business is to STOP cleaning. When this happens people tend to “handhold” their cleaners. When they get out of this, the next step is to find a way to automate scheduling. Even though scheduling only takes a few minutes a day it can be a huge weight. One great tool to help with this is Amars company, Zenmaid. Scheduling has to be done one way or another but Zenmaid helps you finalize your schedule automatically via SMS, work order, etc.

Automating Client Texts

Most of the wants we hear from cleaning business owners is that they need a way to not communicate with their clients. For example, if you are wanting a way to send reminders to your clients Zenmaid can do that automatically for you! Not only that, you can give them directions or additional information in the text. Zenmaid is a service that was created to make communication and scheduling with your team and clients easier, allowing you to have more free time. Free time is the main reason you started your company right?

How Amar Created a Fast Growing Company

Amar always felt like working a 9-5 was not for him. He set his company up based on that dream and an intention for freedom. With this in mind he was able to create an amazing team within his company allowing Zenmaid to grow while he removed himself from the business. For the first year he did pretty much everything by himself but by setting up his systems and processes, he now can take all the time away he wants without stalling the company’s growth.

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