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Episode 659

How Systems and Processes Can Help your Business - Part 1: Episode 659


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Episode 659 – How Systems and Processes Can Help your Business - Part 1

Hello Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast. I am super excited to welcome Amar, one of the founders of ZenMaid to the podcast today. He was one of my first podcast guests ever and is in a very different place today.

Amar’s Background

Amar has always been entrepreneurial minded. He was constantly looking for new ways to make money and grow businesses. In 2012 he opened a cleaning business in California. Although he opened a cleaning business he never actually cleaned. Soon after he left the business to his co-founder because he wanted to move away. Then he founded Zenmaid. Zenmaid is a service that provides scheduling, communication, employee management, and much more for your cleaning business. It has been about eight years since he founded Zenmaid. The goal of Zenmaid was to serve cleaning companies and provide a service that would bring them more free time to their life. That is exactly what Zenmaid has done.

Amar’s Biggest Tips

The number one thing Amar says that contributes to your success as a business owner is being resourceful. When someone first starts their cleaning business everyone hits road bumps. When something happens and you get through that day, you have grown. For every day that you find a way to solve a problem, another entrepreneur has given up. Being resourceful and not giving up is a huge path to success. The second thing that Amar says is extremely important for success is having the right systems and processes. At its core every business is just a group of systems and processes. That being said, don’t worry about having the whole business automated and figured out because it doesn’t happen overnight. Focus on making your systems better today then they were yesterday and you will get there.

How to Escape the Chaos

A great way to clear your head and get away from the chaos is to write everything down. Ask yourself what all of the things you are still currently doing are. From there you can figure out what are the most important things to systematize first. The goal is to build the systems and processes around you so you can show up as your best for your business.

Why did Amar Build Zenmaid

When Amar first started building Zemaid, he started thinking about what systems a cleaning business needs to thrive. After doing this, he decided that he needed to create a service that not only helped owners organize their clients but also a service that helped a great community with their employees. By having these systems, business owners could have a big weight lifted off of their shoulders.

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