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Episode 382

How to Start a Cleaning Company TODAY! : 382 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 382 – How to Start a Cleaning Company TODAY!

Today Mike is going to answer a hypothetical question that he’s gotten a few times in the past: “If you had to start a cleaning company today, how would you do it without the resources that you have today, and with the intention of growing to a multi-million dollar company?”. Well we are going to break down step-by-step just how Mike would do this. Let’s Jump right in.

First and foremost, we are going to start at the foundation. When Mike first started out two decades ago, he decided to go through a servicemaster franchise. Joining a franchise can be helpful for starters, but they were taking 10% of all of his profits throughout the entire time he owned that business. The best route to go is to either create your own systems, or find a system that doesn’t take a percentage of your company from you in the process. *cough cough*

Now you might be thinking that the next step is to acquire employees, or find customers, but before we get to that you’re going to have to get a good look at your mindset. A lot of people have drive when they first start up, but you want to make sure that you take your business on with complete focus, passion and intensity. If you’ve got other things going on in your personal life that will take your focus off of your company, then it may be time to deal with that prior to actually starting out.

Okay, okay. Now we’ve got our systems figured out, and we are 100% completely committed to do anything legal, ethical and moral that we can to grow, now it’s time to get some customers and employees, right? Well actually it’s been shown that writing down your goals can actually be quite beneficial. How are you supposed to achieve something when you’re not sure what you want? You want to set very specific goals, and a good place to start is with revenue. For Mike, he would think about what kind of life he wanted, and reverse engineer it from there to see how much he would need in revenue to get that lifestyle. This a great, effective way to find a good goal that you can start heading toward.

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This next step might be a bit scary for some of you, but it is an important one nonetheless. Start tracking your time. As you go about your day, track what you’re spending time on. A lot of people would want to skip this step, because is can be surreal to see how much time you actually waste but it’s near essential. If you can’t control your time, it’s difficult to control your business, and certainly not other people’s time once you start hiring employees.

Next, you’ll want to identify and start tracking your key metrics. In Mike’s experience, he’s found that for Cleaning Companies, this means Inquiries, Bids and Sales on the client attraction side, how many people contacted you, how many people did you actually give a bid to, and of course, how many actual sales you’ve made. You’ll also want to track how many employees who inquire, interview, and get hired, and obviously your monetary profits and losses as well.

After this, you’ll want to figure out who it is that you’re trying to serve. When you first start, it’s easy to look at anyone who has money as a potential client, but this can easily make you just another cleaning company struggling to find anyone with money who needs anything cleaned. If you want true success, you’re going to want to find your niche, and well as what you can do that is unique, and that only you can provide. The key to this is to spend time with, and find your clients pain, and then learn everything you can about your niches specific pains. This way, you can know exactly how to serve them, which in turn will make your services a lot more premium.

Everything you just read is going to be the hard part. Once you have a super strong foundation, it will be much easier going into this next step, creating an automated system for Client attraction, based on your clients pain. To do this, you’re going to want to have ways for your customers to get to know, like and trust you, even if they’re not ready to buy. It’s much easier selling to someone who is looking to buy than it is to someone who you just want to sell to. Whether it be through email, videos, reaching out on social media, you’ll want your potential clients to know that you’re there, and that you are a reputable person who can solve their pain.

Next step is to create a sales process. Even though it may be easier to just take their money and be done with it, you want to create a community not only for your customers, but your employees as well. If your customers and employees feel like they are a part of something bigger, it will make them feel special and keep them happier and more times than not they will stick around longer as well. Once a customer has reached out, you’ll want to identify their specific pains, and do everything you can to ease that pain for them. Along with identify their pain, you’ll want to make them feel even more special, through things like getting to know them, and sending them a personalized shock and awe package that shows that you really understand them and their pain.

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Once you’ve got all of that done, you’re going to want to create an automated employee funnel that brings in more employees than you can possibly hire. If you’re wondering how to get good quality employees, and what do with any employees that you can’t take on right away, you’re in luck. We thoroughly dissect that exact subject in this blog from last week!

For a quick recap the steps are:

  • Get or Create a System
  • Get the Correct Mindset
  • Set Goals
  • Track your Time
  • Get Key Metrics
  • Identify Your Niche and It’s Pain
  • Employee and Customer Funnel and System

If you’ve read through this and feel completely lost, or have any questions head over to and schedule a free breakthrough session with Mike, where you can focus on your business, one-on-one.

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