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Episode 835

How Small Shift in Your Business Can Create the Company of Your Dreams - Part 1: Episode 835


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Episode 835 –How Small Shift in Your Business Can Create the Company of Your Dreams - Part 1: Episode 835

Today on the podcast, we have Dirk Fowler of Actually Clean carpet cleaner business based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. He is here to talk to Mike about his business, what needed to change and what HAS changed. Though there are still things going on that he would like to improve, he has made some vast improvements and is here on the podcast to talk about what those are and how he has made changes to move forward and create the business he WANTS to have.

How it Started

When Dirk started his company, he was painting and cleaning. As he started getting more contracts and growing, he started needing to hire and manage more people. It was hard to find and keep good workers, and at a certain point, he almost threw in the towel to try something else because it seemed like too much of a headache to keep it going. His best employee during that time was his 11-year-old son who still works in the business today at 29 years old.

Why Core Values are Essential

Even though we talk about core values a lot here, it is often the last thing people realize on their own. Typically, when we are looking to hire, we want to do it in the easiest way possible. Usually, that looks like a friend of a friend or a referral from someone we know. The problem with that is we aren’t vetting this person at all and we aren’t hiring them because they aline with what’s important to us. We are hiring them because they are a warm body who is willing to show up (maybe) and we think that’s all we need. Once we start with people who align with us, the entire culture of our business changes and we are able to control what it looks like and create a team rather than slap together random people who are likely to quit as soon as the next thing comes along.

You Get What You Put Out Into the World

Another shift for Dirk has been realizing that when he gets clear on the kind of clients he wants to attract, he’s able to up his client game. Rather than taking anyone who comes along and hoping for the best, when you have a specific type of client or niche you are trying to attract, you can build the kind of clientele you WANT. Dirk has learned firsthand that what you put out into the universe comes back to you. 

Final Takeaway: Small shifts like getting clear on what you really want can make all the difference. 

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