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Episode 1042

How One Couple Turned Their Cleaning Company Around and You Can Too!: Episode 1042


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Episode 1042 – How One Couple Turned Their Cleaning Company Around and You Can Too!


In this podcast episode, Mike Campion sits down with Carlos and Julie Munoz, owners of TMP, a janitorial company based in Chicago. The couple shares their journey of transforming their business and highlights the importance of real-life perspectives from owners who have experienced both challenges and successes.

Proactive Steps for Business Growth

The podcast delves into the early stages of Julie’s involvement in the business. Julie shares that she initially discovered Mike’s podcast, leading her to realize the potential for growth in her company. Despite not facing immediate pain points, Julie proactively sought coaching to address fundamental questions about the business’s performance, such as profitability and readiness for growth. This proactive approach is highlighted as a key factor in the success of TMP.

The Power of Clarity and Defined Roles

As the conversation progresses, Carlos and Julie discuss the decision to run the business together after getting married. They recognize the need for clarity in goals and the definition of specific roles within the company. Carlos emphasizes the importance of understanding the business’s key drivers and credits coaching for providing clarity on roles and responsibilities. This shift in mindset, from a reactive to a proactive approach, becomes a turning point for their business.

Overcoming Resistance for Sustainable Growth

Julie opens up about two key aspects of their transformation that initially faced resistance: implementing a hiring funnel and transitioning to first-of-the-month billing on auto-pay. She acknowledges the initial pushback but emphasizes the positive impact these changes had on the quality of candidates and the overall financial health of the business. The couple reflects on the unintended consequences of their decisions and how embracing necessary changes contributed to their success.

Celebrating Success and Community Support

The blog post concludes by highlighting the success of TMP and the valuable lessons learned from Carlos and Julie’s journey. Their acknowledgment of the importance of hiring core value match employees and the supportive community within Next Level adds depth to the narrative. The post encourages other cleaning business owners to proactively seek transformation, embrace change, and value the impact of a supportive community in their growth journey.
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