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Episode 650

How Mike Would Start a Residential Cleaning Company Today: Episode 650


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Episode 650 – How Mike Would Start a Residential Cleaning Company Today

Hey Cleaning Nation! I am so happy to be here with Amber Swanson, owner of Royalty Cleaning Company. She started her company in 2016 and specializes in residential cleaning. She just attended our first five day event and I am so excited to hear her thoughts and dive into her top questions.

How Amber Got into Cleaning

Amber has been cleaning on and off for a little over twelve years. She was first introduced to commercial cleaning and worked part time. She moved from Ohio to Minnesota for love and is now married. After moving there she decided she wanted to be her own boss and she started to grow her business. She quickly learned that it was much more than just cleaning and started learning all of the different tools she needed to grow.

Amber’s Question

Amber loved our five day challenge and learned so much from the experience. Her biggest question is “what would I do if I was to open a residential cleaning business today?”. I bought a commercial cleaning business twenty years ago so I am going to tailor that experience to residential. Even though commercial and residential cleaning businesses are a little different, the concepts are the same. Ideally if I were to start a residential cleaning business right now I would find a mentor to teach me everything I need to know, similarly just like Grow My Cleaning Company.

My Plan

If I was just going to be my own coach and do it on my own I would start with finding my core values. Number two is I would be crystal clear on my goals based on the type of life I want. An example of this would be how much time I would want to work and how much time do I want to NOT work. If we don’t ask ourselves these questions we will get five years down the road and be stuck in the same spot that we were in when we started. After we find out what we want our life to look like we can then come up with steps and goals to get us there. The fourth step would be to figure out what my perfect market is and what their pain is. There are many factors that go into residential cleaning such as, if they have kids, how much money they have, if they own a home, if they work full time. Lastly I would design a client attraction plan which can include events, ads, social media, flyers, etc.

We have a very special announcement today! Mike is testing out a new app where you can text him directly! The number is 602-932-6431. He can’t wait to hear from you! 

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