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MIKE: Hey Cleaning Nation! Today I have the lovely Lindsay Sawyer with us! Lindsay started working at fifteen but after a couple of years she lost her passion. She realized that the only thing she was interested in was helping other people and cleaning. Her clients came in fast and she started hiring only a year after she started her business. Then came covid. After searching for answers everywhere she came across our coaching business on google. After watching and learning she signed up!

When you were starting your business how did you get over the fear of going out on your own?

LINDSAY: I did something a little different. I left my job because I didn’t feel like I was doing what I was put on this earth to do. I didn’t have a plan so I started looking for a job and didn’t find anything. After two months, I started thinking about what I’m good at and how I could help the community. This is when the idea of a cleaning company came to my mind. I immediately started a Facebook and reached out to people around my community. Soon I had clients coming in like crazy!

MIKE: How did you decide to hire employees?

LINDSAY: Right around the end of my first year in business I finally realized that I needed help. There was no way I could continue to take care of all my clients by myself. I found my first employee on Indeed and I started bringing her to my cleanings. In about 6 months I felt like she could handle some jobs on her own.

MIKE: I love that the fear of not knowing anything didn’t keep you from the hiring process. Was that natural for you or did you have to get past that fear?

LINDSAY: It was partly natural and partly scary.

MIKE: So when did things start going off the rails for you?

LINDSAY: I noticed this around January of 2020. I was tired of the constant turnover of employees and only one reliable employee. I really realized something needed to change. I was also noticing that I wasn’t charging appropriately.

MIKE: Anytime you make a change there is always the fear you have before you do something. What made you go ahead and make those changes.

LINDSAY: It was the coach I received and the information I was given that made me just do it. It eased my fear and allowed me to go out of my comfort zone.

MIKE: What was the most fun thing you did in our program.
LINDSAY: Nothing really started out easy but it became easier as I did more I did it. My favorite part about the program was the community and the mindset coaching I received. I learned that the way your business grows has so much to do with your attitude and mindset. I didn’t feel like I was alone in my struggles because there were so many other people in our community who felt the same way.

MIKE: What is the biggest change in your business because of this program?

LINDSAY: The biggest change for me was the finance side of my business and the freedom it gave me. When I first started the program I pulled in so many directions and was anxious about a lot of things. Now I have so much more peace of mind when it comes to my business.

MIKE: What is your best advice for Cleaning Nation?

LINDSAY: Just do it! Just ask for help and don’t be scared. I would tell my old self to not wait as long as I did to ask for help.

MIKE: What Lindsay said was so true. You can’t do anything alone and waiting to do something will only put you one day behind where you want to be. If you want to learn more about our program and community go to

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