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Episode 892

How Limiting Beliefs Become Reality in Our Businesses: Episode 892


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How Limiting Beliefs Become Reality in Our Businesses
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Episode 892 – How Limiting Beliefs Become Reality in Our Businesses

Today on the podcast, we have new Next Level members Don Orosco and Ruth Munez. They started Oasis Cleaning Service in 2016 in Golden Colorado. They are here to talk about what state their business was in when they decided to get some help and how it has been going. These episodes are always great for inspiration. Even if things may not be going well for you now, there are always changes that will allow you to create the business you really want.

What Were Their Beliefs Before?

Don and Ruth are from Mexico and Costa Rica respectively. They came from very different cultural backgrounds and feel like they weren’t taught how to be successful businesspeople growing up. So they started from square one when they started their business and spent too much money in some areas and not enough in others. They also weren’t paying very much attention to their finances or tracking very closely the money coming in and out. They came to Mike because they felt like they were all over the place and wanted to get some clarity and education on how to run a business more effectively.

What Were Their Actions Before?

Don says he felt like they were all over the place. Especially with payments. They were accepting payment in the form most convenient for the client. Venmo, cash, checks, PayPal. They also weren’t enforcing upfront payments so they would have clients take a week or more to pay them. By raising their prices, starting to require upfront payment with a few select options, and setting up payment plans, they have become more profitable and no longer have the stress involved with keeping track of so many different payment options.

Learning to Set Boundaries with Employees

Another thing Don and Ruth have learned is how to set boundaries with their employees. It was important to them to create a welcoming culture for their employees, but they felt like they almost had to convince people to work for them instead of the other way around. They would buy feed for them daily, let them use their own personal cars to take to work, and allow them to show up late to jobs. By going through the program, they realized they can have a positive work culture AND set healthy boundaries with their employees.

Final Takeaway: The beliefs we have about ourselves and our business limit our potential and keep us from coming up with creative solutions to solve our problems. 

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