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Episode 284

How Launch 27 is Leveling Up Your Business with Cleaning... Episode 284: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 284 – How Launch 27 is Leveling Up Your Business with Cleaning...

It’s rare that I do such a long podcast like I did with Rohan, but trust me Cleaning Nation… it’s worth it.

Your website is basically a 24/7 sales machine for you. It never gets sick. It never gets tired. It always operates at the most optimal level that you’ve designed it for.

Using Launch 27, you can take that sales machine to a whole new level of awesome.

In this portion, Rohan and I talked about how Launch 27 can take your customer’s credit card on site or in person. It initially pre-authorizes your client’s credit card. This is very similar to what hotels do when you check in, and there’s a BIG reason why they do it.

Instead of charging you right then, it gives them time to upsell you on OTHER services during your actual stay.

You can use this in your cleaning company as well where your website pre-authorizes the credit card until your cleaners show up to do the actual work. Once there, your cleaners can upsell the clients on extra cleaning services while they’re there. This could be in the form of a deep cleaning of an oven, or a more accessory support sale like cleaning their windows that all adds bottom line profit for your business.

The great thing about this automatic booking software is that your cleaners can sync up the times they can clean into the system so clients looking to book can only book cleaning times when you actually have cleaners ready to go for them. Plus, the client can click a button that will send them a text message to their phone to remind them about the cleaning date as the actual day approaches closer. This schedule syncing is huge and reduces a ton of headache in the logistics aspects.

Something that is often a nightmare when it comes to other booking solutions.

Since Launch 27 basically integrates with anything else you’ll be using in your cleaning business website (Google Analytics, Zapier, Quickbooks etc.), it is a seamless solution.

Finally, from a marketing perspective, Launch 27 has an awesome online reputation management system.

We all know how important reviews and client testimonials are to growing our businesses. When the cleaning is done, the system will send out an email to a client to leave a review of how well you did.

The software will give them 3 options:

  • Positive Experience
  • Neutral Experience
  • Negative Experience

For the neutral experience nothing really happens. For the negative experience, the software acts as a kind of PR shield against bad publicity for your cleaning company. It will open up a text box that will allow your client to say WHY they had a negative experience so you can improve and only you actually see this feedback rather than the public who are wondering whether or not they should hire you.

Try out the automatic booking software for 30 days just for $1 by clicking this link:

If the client selects they had a positive experience, another kind of box will open. This one will allow them to leave a review on their favorite review site. These are places like Yelp, AngiesList and so on where reviews are aggregated and where your audience is actually making buying decisions on your service.

This can have a huge boon to your business’s exposure in your local area and the best part is… it is all done automatically for you.

Alright, so what does this super cool booking system actually end up COSTING you?

Well, not that much.

It’s a $1 trial for 30 days and after that the plans range from $59 to $299 per month depending on the package you choose.

So basically for less than a cup of coffee you can run this machine for an entire month. Afterwards, the software will literally cost you one client (if that if you’re following all my advice on doing proper pricing).

While saving you time and making you more money… to me that seems like a win-win Cleaning Nation.

You know I’m not one for promoting things willy-nilly to you. I only want to bring the good stuff that can really help you and this is one of those things that I believe can really move the needle for your cleaning company.

You can get started on your $1 trial by clicking the link below:

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