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Episode 559

How Jessica Took Her Cleaning Business to the NEXT LEVEL: Episode 559: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 559 – How Jessica Took Her Cleaning Business to the NEXT LEVEL

Before We Met:

Hey cleaning nation. Today we have Jessica. She’s been in the cleaning business for 13 years. And she is the amazing owner of Cleaning Divas. In this interview we will be talking about her journey. How she shifted from all cleaning to no cleaning at all, and how she took her business to the next level.

Jessica: When I started my business it was all me. I was just getting really burned out. I love to clean, and I love to serve our clients, and add value and I’ve always had a great group of divas. I’ve always had a great team, but not consistent. I was always in and out of cleaning. Sometimes more than I wanted to be.

I was really struggling and getting really burned out, and my business was really suffering. I didn’t have enough time to focus on culture building, and a lot of other aspects like client attraction, new employee attraction. I didn’t have time to focus on those things properly. I was totally stressed out all the time. And that was the time I decided that I can’t live like this anymore.

Q and A:

Mike: What was the longest you went without cleaning in the 13 years? Years, days, months, weeks? The longest period prior to us getting together?

Jessica: Probably weeks at a time.

Mike: What was the last draw? Was there something that made you think, “That’s enough, I gotta get something changed.” How did that transition happen?

Jessica: It was before COVID. I was totally burned out and I was physically and mentally exhausted. I didn’t want to give up on this business. It’s been 13 years of clients, people are depending on me for salary, people depending on us to add value to their lives and I’m a single check. It’s just me providing for myself and I didn’t want to let myself down. I wanted to get to a point where one day I can sell my business. So I made the best decision I’ve ever made for my business, for myself, and for my employees and my clients.

Mike: What fears did you have that held you back, and how did you finally say, “Forget it. I’ve got to make this happen?”

Jessica: I was fearful of letting my business fail. I was fearful of my business failing and not running it properly, and cleaning for another 10 years, when I really wanted to build an empire.

Mike: What was the hardest thing that you learned? What was the most important thing that you learned?

Jessica: Stop micromanaging and having control over everything . I learned to give my employees the opportunity to the next level, and to fill the shoes I know they can fill, and let them make their own decision.

Mike: What was the hardest thing? What was the thing that you thought of me the most? Why did you fight? If you changed, why did you change? If you stayed, why did you stay?

Jessica: The hardest thing for me was ramping up my client attraction system. I was lacking employees and I wasn’t putting faith in the fact that my employee funnel was going to be working simultaneously with my client attraction funnel.

Mike: What pushed you? What changed you? What made you switch?

Jessica: The switch was me realizing that everything I’ve done in the past just wasn’t working and I needed coaching. I knew that what I was doing isn’t working and that there is another way, other systems, and other processes that would work.

Mike: How’s your life now? Your business? How’s your day-to-day different than it was before we started?

Jessica: My day-by-day is better. I’m really taking the time to work on the systems. I’m not cleaning and I’m focusing on the things that my business needs me for.

Mike: How confident are you? In what situation will you be back to doing the cleaning yourself again?

Jessica: If it’s the last resort and I have to step in because the clients are going to get skipped, then I will. I do check in on my clients. I’m still present as far as relationships with the clients, but I’m leaving the cleaning in my divas hands.

Ultimate Advice:

Mike: I encourage you to have control. Don’t wait for life to happen. I want you guys to think, “I can choose that if I want to”, instead of waiting for it to naturally happen.

Jessica: Success reeks, excuses suck. Set your goal in mind and go for it, don’t make excuses.

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