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Episode 1098

How Important is a Website for Your Cleaning Company? (and more of your questions answered!): Episode 1098


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Episode 1098 – How Important is a Website for Your Cleaning Company? (and more of your questions answered!)

In this lively Facebook Live session, Mike Campion, the dynamic host, explored some intriguing questions posed by the audience. From the importance of asking the right questions to the misconceptions about websites, Mike’s insights were both thought-provoking and practical.

Asking Better Questions Leads to Better Decisions

Mike emphasized the power of asking quality questions, proposing a challenge to the audience: What’s the best question cleaners should ask to grow their business? This shift in perspective aims to foster a culture of curiosity and strategic thinking among business owners.

The Myth of Website Significance

Ebony said the number one thing holding her back from growing her cleaning business is not having a website.

Mike passionately debunked the myth that a website is essential for business growth, drawing from personal experience and industry insights. He highlighted the significance of understanding customer needs and effective communication over fixating on website presence.

Transitioning Clients: From Personal Service to Business Results

Liz expressed concerns about transitioning clients from personal cleaning services to a team-based approach.

In response, Mike provided valuable advice on reframing client conversations. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the results clients desire rather than personal preferences, guiding them towards a broader understanding of service delivery.


In this engaging Facebook Live session, Mike Campion shared invaluable insights tailored to the unique challenges faced by cleaning company owners. From questioning assumptions to optimizing client relationships, his pragmatic advice equips entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive industry.
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