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Episode 703

How Expensive is it REALLY to Get More Cleaning Clients?: Episode 703


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Episode 703 – How Expensive is it REALLY to Get More Cleaning Clients?

In today’s podcast, Lindsay and Jered of the Grow My Cleaning Company Team, discuss: How expensive is it REALLY to get more clients? Jered is the paid marketing guru of Grow My Cleaning Company, and he fills us in on the marketing nuances of cleaning entrepreneurship and how expensive it is to get more cleaning clients.

A Common Issue for New Cleaning Company Owners

The majority of the cleaning company owners have a completely wrong marketing perception in the beginning. They try to get as many clients as possible in order to grow their business faster. A beginner would sign up for 100 clients without considering whether they have enough employees to handle those 100 clients.

Even if there is a team, getting too many clients is not the right marketing approach for a cleaning business. It only means that you are available to provide services like any other existing cleaning company. Such an approach won’t give the owner a sustainable growing business.

Jered's Tips to Master the Marketing Game for A Cleaning Business

1. Stand Out With Your Ideas
If your marketing ideas don’t stand out, your business will never hit the right chord in getting the right clients. There’s no room for “me too” marketing where you can simply copy marketing ideas from other companies. Whereas, if you put out your own unique marketing strategy, you might not gather many clients, but the right ones will come to you. This means your conversion rate goes up, and you make a brand of yourself.

2. Test Your Messaging
As the owner of a cleaning business, you need to master the art of messaging and convincing your potential clients. The key is to understand the customers’ specific needs and structure your ad campaigns based on them. It takes only $5 to prepare and post an ad on social media platforms like Facebook. If your message appeals to the clients, they’ll click. So, it is quite essential to test your messaging with unique headlines and pictures to make profitable ads.

3. Ask Your Clients Why They Chose You
In the cleaning business, clients speak the final word. You, as the owner, should understand the vibes of the client to get the right clients. The key is to ask and seek feedback from the client. That way, your clients will tell you what is right and wrong in your marketing. You need to fine-tune those parts the next time you market your company. It will take the owner a couple of weeks to figure out what clients are saying.

4. Emphasis on Pictures and Headlines
To nail social media marketing, an owner needs to place emphasis on pictures and headlines. A relevant picture stops a person from scrolling past the ad and grabs their attention. A great headline will make the prospect read or click that ad further. If you put an appropriate picture and headline, you’ll manage to increase your conversion rate.

The Final Takeaway

Marketing for your cleaning business is not expensive if done right. Otherwise, you have to keep making the same mistakes repeatedly without striking the right note.

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