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Episode 609

How do you KNOW You are on the Right Track to Success? Episode 609


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Episode 609 – How do you KNOW You are on the Right Track to Success?

MIKE: Hello Cleaning Nation! We have the lovely Angela Nowery from Melbourne Florida on the show today! Angela used cleaning as a side hustle for a while but got very serious about it this past January. A fun fact about Angela is that she just started our program! What question do you have for me?

ANGELA: The first question I have is, “What question should I be asking to go to the next level?”. The second question I have is, “How do I know if I am on the right track to growing my business?”.

MIKE: I am so excited about the question. First and foremost, I want to encourage everyone in Cleaning Nation that the quality of the questions really dictates the quality of coaching I can give. If you ask me powerful questions I can help you change your life. The first question you asked me was phenomenal. The short answer is to find a system and mentor that you know works, which you have already done. This is so important when you are wanting to build your business. A mentor and system that is proven will help you skip major mistakes and move toward success faster. Then you need to make yourself into the person who can run a huge business and success will follow.

The short answer is:

  1. Upgrade your questions.
  2. How do I improve myself first, and then my business will get better.
  3. Find a mentor with a PROVEN system.

ANGELA: That totally makes sense. I think that is the reason I have circled back and decided to join the program. Over the past six months, I have watched a ton of your podcasts which gave me so much great information and we are a core value match. The reality is that even when I have taken all of the great information you have on those podcasts, I know there is so much more to learn from you in this program. So last week I decided I was ALL IN and joined!

MIKE: The first thing that Angela said that was the key was the word, was COMMIT. We set up the program in a very specific way because we want people to be all in. Always get committed first and then go all in because if you aren’t all in nothing will work. “What questions should I have asked you?”

ANGELA: My big motivation in joining this program was to get more time and money freedom. I’m so proud of how I built my company but I wanted that freedom. I wanted to get out of cleaning.

MIKE: The big takeaway from Angela was to connect to your “why”. When you asked to step out of your comfort zone, having your why will make you do it. Everyone’s why will be completely different and it is SO important to find one that lights you up!

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